1. Interview: Doctor Lisa Turner, The Orgasm Coach

    Interview: Doctor Lisa Turner, The Orgasm Coach

    Doctor Lisa Turner is everywhere at the moment - newspapers, magazines, lectures, television shows - and for good reason too! Lisa is the UK's first Orgasm Coach and her unique approach to sexual improvement has done more for her clients than just boosting bedroom confidence.

    In fact, many of the people who come to Lisa for orgasm coaching walk away with a new outlook on life and renewed determination and motivation.

    The most recent and biggest piece of research by Doctor Lisa was into the effect of an orgasm on a woman's career. Lisa discovered that while men lose energy through orgasm, women are empowered by them and gain clarity of thought.

    Regular orgasms also mean that you are more likely to be successful at work, luckier in love and much healthier too!

    Doctor Lisa Turner's research is not only enlightening but it's reassuring - now there's absolutely no reason not to enjoy some alone time with your favourite rabbit vibrator!

    We caught up with Doctor Lisa Turner to find out more about what being an Orgasm Coach actually means.

    What exactly do you do in your role as an Orgasm Coach?

    I'm a coach, healer and therapist, and I incorporate sexual energy techniques into my work.

    I help people to have bigger, better, longer orgasms and when they harness the energy of them, they get promoted, attract more clients, land big deals and increase their success in a massive way.

    You used to be a senior lecturer in Automotive Engineering with a PhD in Aero-acoustics and Mechanical Engineering, how did you make the transition into being an Orgasm Coach? Do you feel that your previous work has helped you in this new career?

    I certainly bring a practical and pragmatic approach to everything I do. I think my engineering background helps me to keep it real.

    I first made the transition to coach, healer and therapist when I had some inexplicable "spiritual" experiences and started studying shamanism, NLP, hypnosis, Kabala, and Tantra to try to understand what was going on. Eventually I plucked up the courage to quit pretending to be an engineer and become a coach full time. I have incorporated sexual energy training in my coaching for a while now, but only recently have I "come out" as the orgasm coach.

    Recently, The Sun produced an article based around your work into the benefits of female orgasm. How did you research this delicate subject or did it form as a culmination of all your previous work?

    Durex Play O and 2 in 1 Massage Melts PackThe benefits of orgasms for women are well known in shamanism and Tantra but I began to really suspect something massive when I started incorporating it into my coaching and saw the amazing results.

    Many of my clients came to me wanting more business or career success, when we dug down to find the root cause there was nearly always a block around sexuality. Knowing the power of sexual energy I started to offer these techniques to clear the blocks. Those clients with whom I had incorporated sexual energy techniques into their coaching made much more progress than those who I had only used conventional techniques with, by a massive factor. The results for the clients were unbelievable. They made more money, got promoted, won awards, landed big contracts etc.

    One of my clients nicknamed me 'the orgasm coach' and I decided to start calling myself that!

    One of the biggest pieces of information that you emphasise is that the inability to achieve orgasm often comes from psychological blocks, whether from past experiences, trauma or stress. What do you recommend for getting past these mental 'hurdles'?

    In my coaching I approach this from several angles.

    First, the woman needs to become fully present in her body. I give mindfulness exercises and recommend some deep muscle work or massage. Starting to love yourself by giving yourself love is vital.

    Second, I work with her to raise her self-awareness and help her to acknowledge her emotions. Anger, fear, guilt, resentment are massive orgasm blockers.

    Then I use therapeutic techniques such as Higher Self Therapy to release these emotions.

    I will also suggest that she starts masturbating regularly - I usually recommend a sex toy, dildo or vibrator to stimulate the G-spot.

    Finally when she can achieve orgasms regularly and is emotionally "clear" I will teach energy transmutation techniques that will enable her to become more powerful, confident and charismatic.

    As well as having 15 years of study into the mind and numerous qualifications, you've also mentioned that you are well learned in Tantra, Shamanism, Reiki and Huna. How much influence do you take from these spiritual practices and use in your work?

    It depends very much on what the client wants. Many of my clients are open to spiritual practices but have been turned off by the very "fluffy bunny - meditate on a candle, wear purple frocks and your life will change" that seems to be so prevalent. They like what I offer because I present it in a very practical way. Where there is proof I give it, where there is none I tell them there is no scientific evidence, but it seems to work so it's worth giving it a try.

    Generally when I'm working with a client I use every tool in my arsenal, whilst also being respectful of their beliefs.

    Some clients are very business orientated and are only interested in pragmatic, down to earth techniques like NLP. Others don't like NLP at all and only want spiritual techniques. I use what they are comfortable with.

    What projects are you working on at the moment that may be of interest to our blog readers?

    I run regular workshops on personal development and living orgasmically. I'm also writing a book due out in May on….

    - The different kinds of orgasm that you can have
    - The link between power, energy and sex
    - How to harness your sexual energy to increase your charisma, success and power.
    - The truth about abusive relationships - how physical violence can actually be less damaging for a woman than, emotional, economic, social and sexual.
    - Abusive relationships - The tell tale signs to look out for to tell if your relationship could turn abusive, and what you can do to prevent it.
    - Impotence
    - Male / Female energy interaction - healthy and damaging.
    - Sex and Spirituality
    - Sex and Money
    - Sex and Health
    - Sex and Charisma
    - And, of course, how to have wonderful, energising, full body orgasms!

    Thanks Lisa! We hope to get our hands on the book soon and can't wait for the new developments in your work!

    If you fancy a session of Orgasm Coaching or just want to find out more about Dr Lisa Turner, take a look at her Orgasm Coach website and stay tuned to the Lovehoney Blog!

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