1. Hot Holiday Read with June's Book of the Month - In Too Deep

    Hot Holiday Read with June's Book of the Month - In Too Deep

    June's Book of the Month is the amazing In Too Deep by Portia Da Costa and to get your summer off to a sexy start, we're offering you a free Lovehoney Buzz Tingler Finger Vibrator when you pick up a copy!

    As one of Black Lace's longest serving authors, Portia still continues to create page-turning, red-hot, nail-biting, collar-loosening erotica even to this day. In fact, one of her latest tales appears in the best selling short-story collection Seduction.

    Driving plotlines, hot sex scenes and likable characters make Portia's books ideal for taking on holiday or reading whilst sunbathing in the garden, so take a look at our run down of her novels to see which one you fancy…

    In Too DeepIn Too Deep

    We had to choose In Too Deep as the June Book of the Month not just because it's a firm favourite in the Lovehoney office but because by the time you've managed to put the book down you will have developed an enviable tan and an insatiable sexual appetite!

    The book follows librarian Gwendolyne Price as she tries to figure who it is that keeps leaving indecent proposals and sexy stories in her suggestion box. Soon, these erotic letters become saucy e-mails and instant messages leading her closer and closer to her mysterious correspondent.

    If you've ever sent a dirty text message or a naughty e-mail, then this book is for you.

    As reviewer bigbrownblowjobeyes explains:

    "The tension in In Too Deep is deliciously tormenting, the sex is mind blowing and it has a storyline that really holds its own - you really find yourself empathising with the characters and impatiently intrigued as to the outcome."

    Gothic BlueGothic Blue

    If you intend to spend your summer exploring beautiful castles in the day and watching Most Haunted at night, then you should definitely pick up a copy of Gothic Blue!

    The story is about Belinda, a gorgeous woman who becomes stranded with her boyfriend at a remote gothic priory. Two hundred years ago at that very same priory a handsome nobleman became enchanted by an irresistible sorceress who led him into a world of decadence and sexual alchemy. Are these the same powers that are working on Belinda? Will she ever leave? Will she want to?!

    Reviewer creativewriter1985 explains of Gothic Blue:

    "Full-length erotic novels tend to waffle on a bit, and there's not enough sex in them for my liking. Not so with Gothic Blue - it's full of copulating couples! But rather than it coming across as a shameless shag-fest, it's all worked seamlessly into the plot. The result: An exciting story with lots of red-hot sex - a real page turner!"

    Suite SeventeenSuite Seventeen

    If you want sex and romance in your erotica, you need to read Suite Seventeen. Featured as a previous Book of the Month back in December 2007, Portia Da Costa's fantastic Suite Seventeen is a repeated best seller and features some sensational sex scenes.

    Portia explains of the novel:

    "I wanted to write another book that took place in the same universe as one of my earlier novels, Entertaining Mr Stone. In the first book, the lead characters visit the Waverley Grange Hotel and have a red hot scene in Suite Seventeen there. I had such a lot of fun with that location, I wanted to revisit it and introduce naughty new people to the story!"

    And that's exactly what Portia did! Her vibrant lead character Annie Conroy decides it's time she woke up and smelt the erotic roses and where better to begin her daring adventures than the luxurious Waverly Grange Country Hotel, and its hidden den of iniquity - Suite Seventeen?

    Pick up your copy this summer and even if it's raining outside, it's sure to be hot inside!

    Fancy finding our more about Portia? Then visit the official Portia Da Costa site where you can check out her latest titles.

    And remember, for one month only, you can pick up a copy of the 5 star rated In Too Deep and receive a free Lovehoney Buzz Tingler Finger Vibrator.

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