1. Emotional Intelligence and Naked Wrestling Create Better Sex

    Emotional Intelligence and Naked Wrestling Create Better Sex

    Susan Quilliam is a sex and relationship psychologist as well as an intimacy expert. She has produced numerous academic journals and many presentations on the topic of sex, but she has also advised thousands of people through her radio shows, newspaper articles and magazine columns on how to improve their love lives.

    The most recent piece of Susan Quilliam's work to come to light is that those with high levels of emotional intelligence - the ability to manage your own personality and emotional state - have more orgasms and a more enjoyable sex life.

    Like regular intelligence, you can actually build up your emotional intelligence, therefore teaching yourself how to have an amazing sex life through some very simple exercises! We're yet to see a Nintendo DS game for it though…

    As Susan explains:

    "Having control of our emotions not only means being calmer and happier, it also means feelings won't get in the way of our sex lives.

    There's a whole variety of ways that emotions can affect your sexuality - anxious people often can't let go enough to orgasm while those with anger problems, while sometimes ravenous for sex, can become so adamant on controlling their anger they stop feeling sexy."

    So how do you stop being a bitter soul hell-bent on controlling everything and everyone?

    Susan suggests that angry or aggressive people should try having a pillow fight or do a bit of nude wrestling as foreplay!

    "Getting all of your daily stresses off your mind in this way will manage your anger in a friendly way. All that bodily contact will also get you in the mood for more!" says Susan.

    Just try not to elbow-drop your partner or get too into character. Wrestling masks are rarely a turn on…

    The New Joy of SexTo read more of Susan's work, get a copy of one of her brilliant books including The New Joy of Sex or take a peek at her agony aunt column for 'That's Life' magazine and Dating Direct.