1. Don't Be Silly, Protect Your Willy - How To Prepare for National Condom Week 2009

    Durex Extra Safe CondomsNational Condom Week is approaching fast and although it may not be recognised as a national holiday on most calendars, it's certainly worth celebrating.

    If you've ever struggled to get a condom on only to have it ping back and hit you in the testicles, National Condom Week is for you!

    If you've ever tried to roll a condom down with your mouth and needed the Heimlich manoeuvre performed on you after, National Condom Week is for you!

    If you've ever had to put a condom on a cucumber in front of several TV cameras and a local news crew, National Condom Week is for you (or just me then…)!

    Everyone can get involved with National Condom Week from May 18th - 24th, even if it's just by learning the facts that may save your life.

    But why not make it a special event amongst you and your friends? Safer sex should never be a taboo and talking about it will not only be a right giggle, but it will put your mind at ease too.

    Whether you're part of a rowdy Student Union or a reserved local chess club, there are all sorts of things you can do to get involved in National Condom Week, including:

    - Your Country Needs You - visit the Durex website during National Condom Week and take part in the British Sex Survey. Not only can you win some fabulous Durex prizes for answering a few quick questions but you'll be making sexual history too.

    - Spring Clean Your Sex Life - now is the time to clear your bedside drawer or wallet of all your dog-eared or out of date condoms. Get rid of them in time for National Condom Week and you can replace them with exciting, new and seriously safe versions, at special prices only available at Lovehoney.

    - The Stretch Test - it is reported that if you place a condom in boiling water you make it much more pliable. So pliable in fact that you can stretch it over a telephone box! Give it a go and let us know your results!

    - Your Place or Mine? - Set up a night of condom-related fun with your friends. Everyone has spare condoms floating around in a range of sizes, shapes, textures and flavours, so instead of leaving them to rot in your handbag or coat pocket, get together with your friends and do a swap! You might find a new favourite!

    - Education, Education, Education - brush up on your safer sex facts by arranging a pub quiz with some fun and naughty prizes! The superb Condom - Essential Wear website has everything you need to know and specially designed quiz questions too.

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