1. Lick it better! 5 Ways To Give Her Great Oral Sex

    Lick it better! 5 Ways To Give Her Great Oral Sex

    A man that can give his lover amazing oral sex will have a partner that's putty in his hands. Here's 5 simple tips to make her purr with pleasure.

    1) Take your time
    Make her believe you've got all the time in the world, and you want her to take at least an hour to come. Women are much slower than men, and if we think you're bored or tired we'll never get there. Ease any pressure, and we'll be beating a path to your door.

    2) Not 2 Fast or 2 Furious!
    Take our cue and go very slowly yourself - most women don't enjoy fast and furious, especially at first. Use masses of saliva, licking everywhere else before our clits (to drive us mad with desire) and stimulating us with lazy flat-tongued licks - pointing your tongue can be too intense (and tiring for you). Get her to show you how she'd like it, by demonstrating her favourite strokes on your palm.

    3) Compliments go a long way
    Tell her she has the most beautiful vulva and it's driving you crazy seeing her wide open. It doesn't matter if it's true or not - the confidence will make her blossom. Whisper that her smell and taste is really sexy - we're all worried about our girly bits, and a little reassurance goes a long way.

    4) Don't change tack at the eleventh hour
    Don't stop stimulating us at the critical moment. When a woman is about to come, it's really important to keep on doing exactly the same thing to her clitoris that's brought her to that point - and this goes for whether it's with your tongue, fingers or a vibrator. Changing your rhythm or stroke at the eleventh hour can throw us off course - and unfortunately we don't share the same 'orgasmic inevitability' as you!

    5) Watch your whiskers
    I'm all for a sexy two-day growth, but it hurts like hell when it's in direct contact with the delicate female vulva (the words sand and paper spring to mind). We love you going down there guys - we just don't want our labia to feel like they've been rubbed back ready for primer and undercoat.

    Scheduling in a shave earns you major brownie points, but if you're deeply attached to your designer stubble or you sport the full Captain Birdseye, you might like to consider smoothing some hair conditioner on your whiskers before you head south. Leave it on for a few minutes before and we'll be saying "Aye aye, Cap'n" before you know it.

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