1. Come Take a Look Around Cassandra's Chateau...

    Come Take a Look Around Cassandra's Chateau...

    This is one erotic extract you won't want to miss! Full of intrigue, suspense and steamy sex, this sneak peek shows you why Cassandra's Chateau is the best sequel since Return of the Jedi…

    This scene sees the gorgeous Cassandra enjoying an afternoon with a friend of the Baron's known as Giovanni. Young, lustful and passionate, Cassandra is hoping to teach him how to please a woman and make the pleasure last and last:

    He blinked, and swiftly removed his dark blue jeans and pale blur, short-sleeved open necked shirt. Cassandra moved round on the bed so that Giovanni, in order to look at her, would have to stand directly in front of one of the concealed cameras. She knew very well that the Baron expected a good video from their afternoon together.

    Giovanni's body was very muscular, without an ounce of spare flesh on it, and thick dark hair bushed between his thighs and then spread upwards in a thick line along the middle of his stomach before spreading out across his chest. He looked exactly what he was; a supremely fit, virile and enthusiastic young man in the prime of life.

    When he was naked Cassandra patted the bed. 'Come and lie down with me. Did you find your ride tiring?'

    He quickly lay beside her, his erection already nearly complete, and shook his head. 'I do not tire easily, as you will find!'

    Cassandra liked him; she liked his open face and even his tendency to boast she guessed covered an underlying anxiety about his ability to please her. 'I'm not tired either,' she murmured. 'Perhaps we'd better try and amuse ourselves rather than rest?'

    Cassandra's ChateauNo longer able to resist the temptation, Giovanni reached out and gripped Cassandra's naked breasts with both hands, his fingers harsh against her skin. She shifted slightly. 'Touch them more lightly,' she whispered. 'It's better to start slowly, don't you think?'

    He'd never really considered it, but was willing to do anything she suggested and so loosened his grip and let his fingers knead tenderly at the small globes that promptly began to swell beneath his touch.

    'You see,' murmured Cassandra, relishing being the one in charge for a change. 'Most women respond better to that kind of caress.'

    Giovanni's hands continued to fondle her breasts tenderly while at the same time he lowered his head and she felt his designer stubble graze softly against the side of her neck. It was an entirely new sensation for her and almost without realising what she was doing her arms had gone up over her head and were wrapping themselves round one of the bedposts, so her upper body lifted off the bed and pressed more firmly against his.

    Feeling her response, Giovanni released her breasts and slid his hands beneath her armpits so that he could pull her breasts against his chest while at the same time moving his head higher until his tongue could slip into her ear and swirl delicately around before he withdrew it, only to nibble on her earlobe.

    Cassandra squirmed with excitement, her breasts were being tickled by the mat of hair over his chest, she had goosebumps of excitement all over her neck and now along her bare shoulders and down the smooth skin of her inner arms where he let his stubble graze there as well.

    She found it more exciting than she'd expected, and her soft sighs and quick movements of her hips were involuntary, not calculated moves to arouse him as she'd intended. Then she felt his hands sliding down her body and realised he wanted to enter her already.

    'No, Giovanni,' she said quietly. 'We've got all the afternoon. Let's take our time.'

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    • clyde: April 28, 2010 05:14
      What happened to myy first paragrfaphs?

      It saeems that the experience is much more exciting when the leading ujp to it other than quickly brought to warmth when the participanys get to know each other and by knowinjs some lirtle part of the individual that the size if the penis or the penis or the thoughts of her path to .. . Perhaps I'm a bit i older than some of ypur library members. or authors The Casandras bedroom is very interesting, but what of the particpantgs vuews of i the choice of the arft on the walls, the viiew of the sun on the sea. Something that will certainly add to the moment and beauty of a scene ;what of the reflecttion of the sun 0n her breasts will do more than satsfying than the satisfying olf the libido and the quick oirganism..
      Please excuse thelack of the editing..and the use of the spekk chgecker;.I'm really not intoi writing this without thinking of how I could convince the particpamnis to live it.

      Thanks for permitting me 2cents worth.

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