1. Pucker Up! A Better Blow Job In 6 Easy Steps

    Pucker Up! A Better Blow Job In 6 Easy Steps

    Giving a great blow-job is one of the most pleasurable things you can do to your man. These easy-to-follow hints and tips will help make it better for both of you!

    1) Learn to love it
    First and foremost, learn to really love giving him head (and if you don't think that's possible, then do the finest acting job you're capable of). You'll have no happier audience than your man as he listens to your appreciative groans. Don't be afraid to be a noisy eater.

    It's not a lollipop, so don't just lick his penis. Always involve your hands, by sliding one fist up and down the shaft, with a consistent rhythm that begins slowly and builds gradually. Use a confident but comfortable stroke - experiment with several variations - whilst sucking him gently at the same time.

    2) Keep your teeth covered
    Keep your lips covering your teeth and remember the head is super-sensitive. Use your other hand to press firmly up against his perineum to massage his prostate from the outside - let him guide your hand to the place that feels best for him.

    Durex Play Very Cherry Lubricant 3) Keep it wet, wet, wet!
    He needs your mouth, and hand, to be as wet as possible. If your saliva isn't too forthcoming, increase its flow - and his pleasure - by using a flavoured lubricant. The juicier the better. A really popular choice is the Cherry flavour from Durex.

    4) Show him those blow-job eyes
    You might feel like you're in a porn movie, but choose a moment to look up at him when you're going down. Holding eye contact a little too long is always a powerful trick to signal desire, and making blow-job eyes when you're between his legs is a clear signal that you enjoy giving, as well as receiving, a little lip service.

    5) Don't swallow if you don't want to
    You don't have to swallow if you don't want to (in fact it's definitely advisable not to if you don't know your partner's sexual history). It is however, considered rude and insulting to spit semen out with a horrified grimace, so try having him ejaculate over your body as an erotic alternative.

    Shooting over your neck and breasts gives you a 'pearl necklace' - but if he misfires be careful of any going in your eyes - it stings big-time and causes redness for hours.

    6) But if you do - don't worry!
    If you do like to swallow, you might like to know that semen contains only 5 to 15 calories per ejaculation, a protein content similar to the white of a large egg, varying amounts of fructose, nitrogen, vitamin B12 and cholesterol, and about 60% of the American recommended daily intake for vitamin C. Beats Haliborange any day!