1. Revealed: Earth Angel Wind-Up Vibrator - the world's first environmentally-friendly sex toy

    The Earth Angel Whether you're an earth-loving, tree-hugging, can-recycling, Prius-driving hippie, or just someone who's hoping to save a few quid on [cough] bedroom essentials, The Earth Angel could be the sex toy you've been waiting for.

    Why? Because the new vibe from Irish company Caden Enterprises is the world's first 100% green sex toy. It's made from totally recycled material and it never needs replacement batteries because its power comes from a patented rechargeable cell.

    To get the vibe to work, you have to wind it up using a handle in the base. It's like cranking up one of those Freeplay Radios, only with much more pleasurable results…

    Crank the handle in a clockwise direction for 4 minutes and you'll earn yourself 30 minutes of vibrations. If that's more than you need in a single orgasmic session, you can use the on/off button to store up the power for later.

    Wind it for 8 minutes and you'll get an hour of vibrations, which is a good job because your arm won't be good for much else after you've been winding like a mentalist for that long.

    The Earth AngelUnlike other wind-up products, The Earth Angel stores its power so you can load it up in the morning, entertain yourself, and then come back to it at night when you're ready for another go.

    So, it's made of recycled materials, comes in completely recyclable packaging, is manually operated, beautifully crafted and doesn't require you to buy batteries ever again… But is it any good as a vibrator?

    In a word - yes. The vibrations in The Earth Angel are as strong as the highest setting one of our most powerful vibes, the Lovehoney Silencer Vibrator. The Silencer take 2 C batteries, so for Earth Angel to match that really is going some.

    If you've bought an Earth Angel, let us know what you think of it - you can add a review here.

    Oooh, and if you want a lube that's equally as body-safe and earth-friendly to go with your new vibe, we've got a range of organic lubricants including Sliquid Organics and Yes.