1. Existence of Angels "Cannot Be Verified" - eBay

    Not content with removing our auction for a dangerous squeaking policeman's truncheon, eBay's listing fascists have been at it again.

    This time it's our hen night Web site's disgraceful attempt to sell a Pink Fake Fur Angel Halo that has eBay spitting feathers.

    We have sought to reassure them that all our angel halos are ethically sourced from free range angels, and that no angels are ever harmed in their making. Quite the opposite - we are very active in the angel community and make regular donations to angel welfare charities.

    We even have a "Bring An Angel To Work" day.

    But eBay is having none of it and has removed our listing saying: "You may not list intangible items or items whose existence cannot be verified, such as ghosts, souls or spirits."

    OMG! What's going to happen at Christmas time?

    eBay says angels don't exist

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    • PPB: April 21, 2009 17:47
      Ha ha ha! Ridiculous I had to laugh when I read your comment 'free range angels'! Im sure the angel charities are greatful for your donations and such ha ha! Richard, do these twits at Ebay have nothing better to do with their time? Clearly not! Heaven help anyone looking for a Halloween costume!
      Silly ebay!
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