1. Interview: Samantha Backman, The Vagina Doctor and Mango Juicer Creator!

    Interview: Samantha Backman, The Vagina Doctor and Mango Juicer Creator!

    A revolutionary product - the Mango Juicer - aims to provide women with out-of-this-world orgasms and add an ethical edge to your sex toy collection. We caught up with the creator of this brilliant kitchen utensil/double-ended dildo to find out more.

    Samantha Backman is a woman of many talents. Comedian, homo-toxicologist, businesswoman, entrepreneur, TV host and most recently - sex toy designer.

    After finding out about female genital mutilation and female circumcision through the Oprah show 15 years ago, Samantha has since set out to make stopping this horrific act her life long goal.

    She is also lovingly known as 'The Vagina Doctor' for the help and advice she gives to those in third world countries who may have had no education in regards to vaginal health and infections.

    Samantha's work is not only educational and helpful but she laces everything with her own unique style of humour which puts people at ease and makes talking about vaginas and menstruation seem perfectly normal!

    We got a chance to chat to Samantha and find out more about the Mango Juicer and her life so far…

    Samantha Backman, creator of the Mango JuicerThe Mango Juicer is far from your average sex toy. What is it all about?
    I look at the Mango Juicer as a tool of awareness, we have plenty of sex toys, but this one is about three things:

    1. The G-spot - we do have one and we are allowed to talk about it, including the male G-spot!

    2. It brings awareness that 6,000 girls a day are having their clitoris' removed without their consent or understanding, often in a very cruel way, which means they can never have a clitoral orgasm. They often suffer pain their whole life and are unable to urinate properly which are minor problems compared to what some women endure after the procedure.

    3. It is a fundraiser that has given permission to talk about the subject of female genital mutilation which is hard to bring up under normal circumstances. The Mango Juicer has found a way to discuss it via humour which opens doors all the way.

    How did it end up with such a unique name?
    The name came about as 'man-go' and 'mango juicer' evoke ideas of kitchen utensils and enable it to get through customs in areas where a sex toy would not.

    And, of course, the mango represents the female vagina and how by playing in that area "juices" flow. So when we say; "have you juiced your mango today?" We are really saying "have you pleased yourself?".

    It also, reminds us of those women who never experience love making as pleasurable.

    How does the Mango Juicer work?
    Hmm well… you just put it in, pull it out, put it in, pull it out, put it in, pull it out, put it in, pull it out. Got the idea?

    What is happening whilst doing the above is that you are running it over the g-spot or prostate gland and juicing your mango!

    How have people responded to the product?
    The Mango Juicer has enabled people to talk about masturbation, the fact we have a g-spot, and so do men, and has really made people become aware of FGM.

    It has also opened doors to platforms normally not open to this discussion. In short the response has been "bloody brilliant"!

    You're affectionately known as 'The Vagina Doctor'. Would you care to elaborate on how you ended up with this nickname?
    I have worked extensively in India, educating people on the need for vaginal hygiene to stop the problem of constant vaginal candida in third world women. A doctor in India nicknamed me 'The Vagina Doctor' and it stuck from there.

    When you are introduced as 'The Vagina Doctor' people certainly listen to what comes next!

    How does your work as The Vagina Doctor fit in with your other careers, especially the comedy angle?
    Well when you look at the bigger picture, I am into talking about menstruation, masturbation, FGM, sex education, vaginal hygiene, female rights and vagina humour - they actually fit well together, don't you think?

    Like I say - we have the pussy, we make the rules!

    Finally, why should people buy the Mango Juicer?
    To juice their mango.
    To find their g-spot.
    To find their partner's G-spot.
    To support the stopping of female genital mutilation.
    And to give them something to talk about on the train.

    Mango JuicerPick up your Mango Juicer today and a percentage of the sale will be donated to the Waris Dirie Foundation and Forward UK, which is an organisation that was set up to safeguard human rights and stop female genital mutilation.