1. Seduction Excerpt - 'Rush' by the fabulous Gwen Masters

    Seduction Excerpt - 'Rush' by the fabulous Gwen Masters

    Short stories have never been as hot as this! Black Lace has produced a sensational collection of 13 erotic stories and we have chosen our favourite from the Seduction collection, 'Rush' by Gwen Masters, to present to you here.

    Gwen Masters' tale of sex and seduction explores the secret desires that nearly all women have, but don't dare to admit to.

    This naughty extract takes a look into the bedroom of David and Katie, a couple who are almost perfect. However, Katie doesn't know too much about David's past and wants to use the information she does find out, to her advantage…

    'Asking a person how many people they have been with is always a bad idea,' he said. 'Someone always gets shocked. Or hurt. Or furious.'

    Katie sat up in the bed. She looked at him with those big blue eyes. Were they wet? Was she on the verge of tears? He studied her mouth. No pouting downturn, no indication thar sge was going to turn on the waterworks.

    David sighed. He was paranoid already.

    'You're scared to tell me,' she said.

    'Damn straight, I'm scared,' he admitted.

    Katie ran her fingertips over his chest. She pulled at his nipples. David moved in the bed and one of her hands went down his belly, to where his cock was starting to show its appreciation. She stroked slowly and within seconds he was at full attention.

    Seduction - A Collection of Naughtiness'You're going to fuck me into it, aren't you?' he asked.


    That was the thing about Katie. She had no hidden agendas, because she had no problem telling him exactly what those agendas were. Half the time it showed on her face anyway. She couldn't play poker if her life depended on it.

    'You won't like me when I tell you,' he murmured. She wasn't payting much attention. Her mouth was descending on his cock.

    She took her time, licking every inch and every ridge. She swirled her tongue around his head. She probed that sensitive spot underneath. He tried to think about baseball but all that came to mind was that one self-proclaimed slut who loved to have things pushed inside her, who loved to be stretched, and the time she looked at his aluminium baseball bat and asked him to fuck her with it.

    'You're thinking about those other women, aren't you?'

    It wasn't an accusation. Rather, it sounded hot as hell. Katie was breathless. She looked up at him with bright eyes and a wicked smile. Her tongue snaked out to lick the head of his cock. Any lie right now could get him into even more trouble than the truth surely would, and he knew it. Being honest was the lesser of two evils.


    'One in particular?'

    This was getting rather uncomfortable. His heart was pounding, whether from arousal or from fear he wasn't sure. 'Why?'

    'You have that look.'

    'What look?'

    She sank her mouth down on his cock. All the way. She did that thing with her throat and then his cock was all the way in, her nose pressing right against his pubic bone. She could make him do anything when she did that. She was the only woman who ever had that kind of power over him, and suddenly he wasn't sure he liked it. Soon he would be confessing like a good Catholic boy to a goddamn priest.

    'One in particular?' she asked again.


    'Which one?'

    'Jesus Christ, Katie! What difference does it make? I'm not with her!'

    'You're with me, and I want to know.'

    David lay back and yanked a pillow over his head. He breathed deep into the cotton. Katie was working magic on his cock again, gliding up and every so often going all the way down, enclosing him in that slick, tight throat. She made deep-throating seem like a fine art. It hadn't come easily though. She had practised on him again and again and again until she got it right.

    Oh, did she ever get it right.

    'Tell me,' she murmured around his cock.

    David pushed the pillow away from his face. If she really wanted to know, he would tell her. Maybe just one little thing. Maybe that would be enough to make her stop asking. He felt as though he were giving her an intentional knife wound as his mouth opened and the words came out.

    'I was thinking about the woman who liked it when I put things inside her.'

    Katie paused in the middle of sucking him. This would be it. Surely she would stop and lie down and be mad at him for a few says and then this would all blow over.

    'What kind of things?'

    David stared at the ceiling. 'Bottles. My hand.' He paused. 'Baseball bats.'

    Katie sucked him hard. It was a surprise, and he arched up into her mouth. She deep-throated him, then went back to bobbing up and down, sucking exquisitely on the head of his cock. What the fuck was going on?

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