1. Interview with Gwen Masters, Contributing Author to Seduction

    Interview with Gwen Masters, Contributing Author to Seduction

    Reading Seduction, Black Lace's latest short story collection, one story stands out for its naughty plot line and the amount of utter raunch crammed into so few words, and that is 'Rush' by Gwen Masters.

    An author of several naughty novels including the brilliant One Breath at a Time and contributor to many short story anthologies including Five Minute Fantasies 1, Sex and Submission and Sex and Seduction, Gwen Masters pushes the boundaries of fantasy and sexuality with each piece of erotica she creates.

    'Rush' is a fantastic story based around the rarely discussed fantasies of threesomes and voyeurism. Combining a teasing plot line and sex scenes unlike any other, you have to wonder where Gwen gets her naughty ideas from! We caught up with the lady in question to find out more…

    Seduction - A Collection of NaughtinessHow is the Seduction collection of short stories different from any other that you've contributed to?

    Black Lace has always been on the cutting edge of what makes hot even hotter. I like that the stories in the collection are so diverse - one moment you're reading about a threesome in a seedy hotel and in the next, you're getting lost in a vineyard of passion. Black Lace anthologies are not afraid to be blatantly hot or deliciously subtle, depending on the whims of the writer who pens the story. I love that you never know what you're going to get.

    Rush is hot, heavy and realises two fantasies that many women have but don't dare talk about - voyeurism and the male, female, male threesome! Did you do any research into the fantasies and women's reactions to them or was it just an exciting new avenue for you to explore?

    The thought of a threesome has intrigued me since I was old enough to entertain the thought, so writing about it was a natural progression of my inner desires. In fact, it might be my favorite thing to write about! Imagine - if the coupling of two has the power to give the ultimate pleasures, then how much better would a threesome be? Or a foursome? Or…Oh, God. Don't get me started!

    You seem to be a pretty fearless author tackling all sorts of scenarios, fetishes and fantasies including infidelity, jealousy, spanking, submission, domination and gay sex. Is that the way you've always been when writing or is it a quality you've developed over time?

    As I've grown into my own sexuality and fulfilled my innermost desires, I've found that my writing has evolved as well. I think it's the same with any kind of writing, whether it's straight-up romance or mystery or erotica or anything on the spectrum… the more you know about yourself and the world around you, the more risks you are willing to take with what you put down on paper.

    That said, I'm not entirely fearless! Occasionally a story will cut a bit too close to the truth, either in a literal sense or a more emotional, abstract sense… and there might come a story now and then that makes me hesitate before I send it out into the world. But those stories that hover on the razor's edge of truth are those that say the most, so eventually I do let them go, and hope that I said something that would touch someone else.

    The editorial side of erotica is something that never really gets talked about. How do you feel about the editing of your books and stories? Have you ever had any problems?

    I've been so very fortunate to work with editors who had a light touch, and who didn't change the essence of the story. In fact, my editors have always proven to have ideas that improved the story. I firmly believe that no matter how good the work, an editor's input is a beautiful thing.

    There has been quite some debate on the Lovehoney Community Forums in regards to the words that erotica writers use for genitals, for example, 'throbbing member' and 'love mound' were agreed to be pretty rubbish! In Rush you are quite happy to call a cock, a cock but how do you cope with erotic language when you have to describe it again and again?

    It's so easy to get carried away with language, isn't it? Over the years of writing - and more than a few red-faced cases of trial and error! - I've decided that the best way to write about sex is to be frank about it, and to speak in writing as I would speak if I were talking dirty in bed. Would I ever say 'I want to devour your throbbing member' without falling into gales of laughter? I think not! But I would definitely say 'I'm going to suck your hard cock.' So that's what goes into the story.

    Describing it over and over again can become tedious if I focus on the words for certain body parts. Honestly, how often can you come up with a new name for a cock? So I try to vary the scenarios, even within the specific scene, so that the words seem fresh and new.

    You have a lot of books under your belt and seem to be have new projects on the go all the time, do you have anything exciting that you're working on at the moment?

    I always have a new short story in the works, and usually a novel or two tucked away somewhere. Lately I've been choosing a few of my short stories for a special compilation project, and I've just put the finishing touches on a very sexy novel set in the snowy American Midwest. It's lovely to write about naughty things every day!

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