1. Seduction: A Collection of Naughtiness from Black Lace

    Seduction: A Collection of Naughtiness from Black Lace

    Different from the usual short story collections, April's Book of the Month had to be Black Lace's Seduction. Packed with 13 naughty stories, once you get started - you won't be able to put it down! And with a free Lovehoney Goldfinger Mini Vibrator worth £9.99, who can resist?

    Each story in the Seduction anthology is completely different, meaning that there is enough variety to make it a book you can read again and again!

    Seduction: A Collection of Naughtiness from Black LaceSome stories are lustful and passionate, others are powerful and brooding but they all have one thing in common - the urge to seduce or be seduced.

    Written by women, for women, each story explores our deepest and dirtiest fantasies all in an evocative modern setting.

    Using situations we're already familiar with but adding the hottest sex imaginable to them, the stories are easy to identify with and really draw you in.

    Featuring stories by both newcomers and well known authors such as Gwen Masters and Portia Da Costa, you're really in for a treat!

    So if you fancy a tale of temptation or a fantasy packed with filth, Seduction is the book for you!

    And for one month only, we're giving an exclusive free gift in the form of a Lovehoney Goldfinger Mini Vibrator! With multiple speeds and two sensational textures, you'll have to try hard not to be seduced by this wicked vibe…

    Whilst reading Seduction, consider the following questions:

    - Which was your favourite story in Seduction and why?

    - Have you read any other books or short stories by the authors featured in the anthology?

    - How do you think Seduction compares to other short story books?

    - Could you identify with any of the stories in the book, if so, which ones?

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