1. The New Rakes - An Extract To Get You Going...

    The New Rakes - An Extract To Get You Going...

    Here at Lovehoney we like to treat our Erotic Book Club members to a little something special and this time we've got a hot and horny extract from The New Rakes by Nikki Magennis…

    In this extract, we join band member Kara in a discussion with Mike, the head of a prestigious record company, at a club. After discussing business, the conversation turns to more heated matters and the sexual tension between the two becomes unbearable…

    The New RakesThe silence between them stretched, even after the waiter had left - practically bowing as he backed away from their table. Kara felt the champagne haze wash over her, bubbles dancing through her bloodstream and making her pleasantly dizzy. There was a low-level buzz of anticipation in the air between them. This time though she had a better idea of what to expect. There would be no coy uncertainty; Kara knew an encounter with Mike would be highly charged and unsettling. And she knew she liked it.

    'I want to know everything,' Mike said at last. 'What turns you on, what you dream of late at night, when you're alone in your bed with your hand jammed between your legs. I want to know the pictures that you see in your head and exactly how you feel when you're horny.'

    His voice was low but clear and Kara automatically huddled closer, looking about warily to see who was sitting near them. It was as though she was sitting in the waltzers and someone had just spun the seats round - she felt the delicious spark and the nervous lurch, her surroundings blurred so that she had to focus on Mike and Mike alone, as though anything else would send her spinning off into space. Her mouth opened but she didn't know what to say.

    'This isn't going to be some swift and sordid affair, Kara. I'm not interested in knee-tremblers in the back of a car, even if it is hard to resist the urge. I said I wanted to fuck you thoroughly and I mean it. That means I want to know you. Your body and your fantasies through and through.' He leaned forwards. 'Am i shocking you?'

    Kara bit her lip. 'A little.'

    'Good. I like it that you're shockable.'

    'And what about your tastes and fantasies and yada yada yada? What do you want?' she asked.

    'I should have thought that was obvious.' Mike took a cigarette from his breast pocket and twisted it between his fingers. He smiled. 'I want to drive you mad with desire, of course. But first I want to find out which buttons to push.'

    Kara laughed. 'So what, I should write you a laundry list?'

    Mike said nothing, twirling the cigarette between his knuckles.

    'Are you going to smoke that thing, or are you practising for the majorettes?'

    'I gave up.'

    'So why do you have one in your pocket?'

    Mike gave her a thin smile. 'Like I was trying to show you, Kara, anticipation is more than half the pleasure. If you knew that I'd booked a room here, for example, with the serious intent of taking you upstairs later and fucking you, you'd start to feel a little… heated.'

    Kara swallowed. 'And have you?'

    Maybe. But tell me, if I had, what would you imagine?'

    'Uh, you ripping my skirt off and fucking me senseless?'

    'Bullshit.' Mike shifted in his seat and frowned. 'Would I be slow and deliberate? Would I be rough? Would I kiss you before I stripped you?'

    'There are people…' Kara looked urgently over Mike's shoulder, to where a table of businessmen sat idly chatting.

    'I'm not interested in them. Start here. Start half an hour from now.'

    'I'll be half cut by then.'

    'You're sitting in your seat.'

    Kara inhaled. 'OK. I'm sitting in my seat.'

    'Your breasts feel tight. Your nipples are hard. You know what we're about to do.'

    Kara swallowed. The thought of admitting her fantasies to Mike was like standing on the edge of a shark-infested sea, wondering whether they'd bite and how hard. She shut her eyes, took a deep breath and jumped. 'I'm already wet.'


    'In between my legs.' Kara lowered her voice to a whisper. She leaned forwards now, put her arms on the table and shook her fringe over her eyes.

    'Don't hide behind your hair. You're wet between your legs.'


    'And then what?'

    'You, you take me by the hand we go upstairs.' Kara stared at her glass, at the bubbles that clung to the side before tugging free and lifting to the surface. 'We go slowly.'


    'It's hard to walk. I'm so turned on I'm shaky. And you're feeling me as we go up the stairs.'

    'I slip my hand under your skirt, check how wet you are,' Mike added. 'And then we get to the room.'

    'You push me up against the door. I'm trying to open the door, but I can't find the key because you're kissing my neck, biting me.'

    'Actually, no.' Mike's voice had lowered. In the dull light of the bar his cheekbones were shadowed and his eyes glinted. Waiters and club members moved around them in a low murmur of hushed sound, but Kara felt as though she was connected to Mike with an invisible rope, a line that stretched from her groin and her belly and down through her arms to reach out to him. When he talked, she watched his mouth and felt it on her skin, when he played with the cigarette, she felt him tangle his hands in her hair, tease shivers from her body. 'I won't touch you. Not until the door's closed and you're standing in the centre of the room, with you hands hanging by your side.'

    Mike sat back in his chair, legs splayed. Kara let her gaze fall to his lap, where she could see a tightening of the fabric of his suit - loose as it was, there was a definite outline where his cock pressed against his thigh.

    'Because,' he said, 'we're not just fucking, are we? We're playing a game. The rules of which we're deciding now.'

    'I thought you wanted to hear my fantasies?'

    'Yes. And how they intersect with mine. I'm not interested in the way you are with Tam or any of your other paramours. I want to hear your deeper fantasies. The ones you wouldn't dare admit to.'

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