1. The New Rakes - Erotic Book of the Month for March

    The New Rakes - Erotic Book of the Month for March

    The Book of the Month for March is The New Rakes by Nikki Magennis - a decadently dirty new release from Black Lace that is sure to become a classic! Grab your copy today and get a free, unbelievably orgasmic White PowerHead Rocket 4 Piece Massage Vibrator worth £9.99!

    Revolving around the world of music and the people it attracts, this is not just a complete page-turner of a novel but it's exceptionally erotic, too!

    The New RakesThe New Rakes are an up-and-coming band with enough talent, musicianship and sex appeal to make it big.

    From naughty photoshoots to scorchingly hot gigs, this is a brilliant indie band that is as much about the music as they are about the sex and seduction that come with it.

    Lead singer Kara is a daring go-getter who is ambitious and determined in the sexiest way possible.

    Attracting a lot of attention from fans and friends, Kara soon finds herself caught between Mike Greene, the charismatic head of a record company and her guitarist, Tam.

    The sex with both Tam and Mike is phenomenal - each offers her unique and filthy scenarios and sexual explorations that Kara simply can't refuse - but the deceit eventually gets too much and she has to decide not only between the two men but between the limelight and her love life as well.

    The New Rakes is a really refreshing book that will not only get you off but will give you that get-up-and-go feeling afterwards!

    Written by the fantastic Nikki Magenis, author of Circus Excite and contributor to Sex with Strangers and Sex in Public, this book is beautifully well written, empowering and full of the kind of sex scenes that we all want to read.

    Nikki has managed to create a book that doesn't follow the usual Black Lace formula - there's no excessive BDSM, nor bizarre sexual practices - just modern erotica with brilliant, varied, explicit sex!

    Pick up your copy of The New Rakes today and you can get a free White PowerHead Rocket 4 Piece Massager Vibrator worth £9.99 - perfect for massaging the rockstar in your life or taking on tour for orgasms-on-the-go!

    Whilst reading the book, consider these questions:

    - What did you think of The New Rakes?

    - What was your favourite sex scene in the book?

    - Who was your favourite character in The New Rakes?

    - How do you feel The New Rakes compares to older Black Lace books?

    - Have you ever had any naughty experiences with a musician?

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