1. The Lovehoney Guide To Text Sex (Part 3)

    The Lovehoney Guide To Text Sex (Part 3)

    In part 3 of this clever Text Sex Guide, Lovehoney has pulled together the most amazing range of phrases, from Mild to Wild, to use when texting your partner! Mix and match or let us know your favourite sexy sentences in the comments section…

    Tenga Mild LotionThese are our 'Mild' phrases, named after the sensitive and subtle lube from TENGA with the same name! Start off with these to ease you into the fun of dirty text messages!

    "I love you"

    "I adore you"

    "I only want you"

    "I'm completely enamoured with you"

    "I love the way you look naked"

    "Your skin feels so good pressed against mine"

    "You're the most amazing person I've ever met"

    Tenga Real LotionWelcome to the 'Real' phrases, a selection of really naughty words that will read as a sexy teaser as to what is to come later for your partner!

    "I'm lying in bed, naked and thinking of you"

    "You taste so good"

    "I want to be your sex slave for the evening"

    "You get me so turned on…"

    "I'm aching to have you"

    "No one has ever made me come as hard as you have"

    Tenga Wild Lotion
    Just like the menthol enhanced TENGA Wild Lube, these Wild phrases will leave your partner begging for more…

    "I'm fingering myself whilst thinking about all the filthy things I'm going to do to you later…"

    "Fuck me. NOW!"

    "I want to feel you deep inside of me"

    "I want you to come all over me"

    "I'm going to lick, suck, bite and tease you until you scream!"

    "I can't wait for you to come home and ride my hard cock"

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    • kelly: March 19, 2009 22:32
      i want to sit on your face tonight and cum all over it.
    • Tina: March 21, 2009 23:18
      I want to ride you like the dirty whore that I am
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