1. The Lovehoney Guide To Text Sex (Part 2)

    The Lovehoney Guide To Text Sex (Part 2)

    In part 2 of the Lovehoney Guide to Text Sex, get some top tips on what to say and what definitely not to say…

    What the hell is text sex?!

    The basic idea behind text sex is to send an SMS message between mobile phones which shares your dirtiest and sexiest thoughts with someone else. It's something that can be used to spice up a long term relationship or to simply let a new admirer know that you're interested.

    Whilst a text message might seem a little impersonal, it does allow you to be more open than you perhaps would in a face to face situation. It can be quite hard to tell your boyfriend of several years "so how about tonight I dress up as a sexy nurse and you can play my patient?!"

    The text message eliminates that embarrassment factor and can often lead to a whole new level of openness you may not have experienced before.

    How not to do it

    Text Sex and Dirty TalkWe've all been there- it's 3am, you're drunk, you're horny and you decide to send a text message telling your current love interest exactly what you want to do to them… but instead of sending it to "Dan" you end up sending it to "Dad".

    This will not give you the desired results you were looking for and will instead end in a lot of awkward glances next time you're over for Sunday lunch.

    What's even worse than sending it to the wrong person, is sending it to the right person but sending a text which doesn't make any sense. Only too recently, I have spent a good 30 minutes trying to work out why a man wants to "dual my aunt and kick my puppy"!

    Remember; predictive text is both your friend and your enemy!

    Neither of these bode well for a good introduction to text sex, so bearing this in mind, let's figure out how to do it right!

    How to do it right and do it well!

    In our next blog we'll be giving you a few lines to use on your partner, based on the Tenga Lube rating system (it's an official form of measurement in sex toy companies…). You can pick and choose from the Mild, Real and Wild categories depending on just how daring you're feeling!

    Here are some bullet points to remember when sending your first flirty text:

    - Go with what you know - sending a text message that sounds unrealistic will be a turn off (think fake moans and groans like in bad pornography) so stick with what you're comfortable with to start off.
    - Be a tease - you don't have to be explicit, in fact the sexiest texts are often the ones that leave them guessing what you're up to.
    - Be confident - if there's something that you want to try or a fantasy you want to fulfil, a text may be the best way to tell your partner so be confident in your abilities as a text-sex kitten and let 'em know!
    - Detail, detail, detail - seeing as your partner can't be with you at that precise time, you'll want to be as descriptive as possible to fire up their imagination! Let them know what perfume you're wearing, what colour lingerie, where you are in the house…
    - A compliment goes a long way - telling your partner via text how incredible they are is sure to brighten up their day and make the texts flow more smoothly.
    - Don't T.U.I. (Text Under the Influence) - you don't want to regret what you say the next day, so stay away from the wine before you pick up your phone!
    - Don't use text speak - it's distracting! Enough said!
    - Have fun with it - If you're enjoying it then the other person probably is too. Text sex should be fun, spontaneous and naughty!

    Check back tomorrow for our third instalment of the Lovehoney Guide to Text Sex with dirty and flirty phrases to use with your partner!

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