1. The Lovehoney Guide To Text Sex (Part 1)

    The Lovehoney Guide To Text Sex (Part 1)

    Over the next 3 days Lovehoney brings you the ultimate guide to text sex and talking dirty! Make sure you check back each day for lots of facts, helpful instructions and dirty talk tips then add some of your own!

    There's something about well written words that can make even the coldest hearted of people swoon with pure admiration.

    When William Shakespeare wrote his infamous Sonnet 18, he did it with the intention of wooing the woman of his dreams. Now, I'm not suggesting everyone should write an ode to their love interest (although such a grand gesture would be very much appreciated) but something has to be said for the power of words.

    A slightly more subtle way to let someone know you're interested without needing your own book of poetry, is through the art of the naughty text message.

    A new poll undertaken by 118118 shows that nine out of ten girls prefer a text message to a phone call, once they've swapped numbers with their new potential beau. But men should take care when writing their flirty text - 41% of women see badly written texts as a turn off!

    Over the next few days Lovehoney will be exploring the art of text sex and what it can do for your relationship. So whether you're having a long-distance fling or wanting to spice up a long-term relationship, make sure you stay tuned to make this Valentine's Day a hot one!

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