1. Susan Quilliam's The Adventurous Lover and The Romantic Lover Released Today!

    Susan Quilliam's The Adventurous Lover and The Romantic Lover Released Today!

    The fabulous Susan Quilliam has officially released her two new books today! The Adventurous Lover and The Romantic Lover are Susan's latest educational offering and make absolutely fantastic Valentine's gifts.

    The Romantic LoverGorgeously presented and with beautifully worded text, these two new books offer guidance for the established couple who want to enliven their relationship and the singleton who wants to refresh their repertoire.

    The Romantic Lover is a little book of love. It contains everything you need to know about getting that spark back in your relationship and maintaining it for years and years.

    Our personal favourite chapter here at Lovehoney is entitled 'oral pleasure' because whilst it does include parts on fellatio and cunnilingus, it also includes parts on taste, tongue baths and how to develop a 'signature move'!

    The Adventurous Lover is a pocket-sized book of naughtiness! Explore bondage, lingerie, discipline, dirty talk and more - and do it safely too. Even if you consider yourself a connoisseur of kinkiness, this little book has so many sections full of new and exciting tips, you're sure to find something you never knew before.

    We spoke to Susan Quilliam about her new books and found out exactly why The Romantic Lover and The Adventurous Lover are so special:

    Susan Quilliam Author of The Adventurous Lover"After having so much success with the 'reinventing' of Joy of Sex, I realised that there was a big market for all the bits that we just didn't have room for in the big book.

    The first two releases from this collection are The Romantic Lover and The Adventurous Lover. They both do what it says on the tin - The Romantic Lover tells you how to put the romance into your lovemaking, while The Adventurous Lover explores some of those things (like bondage) that you may have wanted to try but need a starting point.

    My aim has been to provide a set of really classy books - they're hardback and in lovely shades of white, bronze and gold with stunning photos - that are packed full of ideas that you can use right away. The New Joy of Sex is the thinking person's guide to sex; these little books are the thinking person's hints and tips about sex. They'd be lovely to give as a gift to your beloved - or just as a sensual, sexual treat for yourself!"

    We recently ran a Valentine's competition to win a copy of each of the books and we are proud to announce the winner as Lovehoney community member Diamonds. Look out for her reviews in the very near future of these two brilliant books!

    Even though the competition is now closed, you can pick up your copies of The Adventurous Lover and The Romantic Lover from Lovehoney today - hot off the press!

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