1. Lingerie for Ladies with an Hourglass Figure

    Lingerie for Ladies with an Hourglass Figure

    Dressing up the hourglass figure has never been easy. Clothing and lingerie either hangs off your curves emphasising nothing in particular or is too tight in all the wrong places making your body seem disproportioned. Lovehoney has the solution…

    In our previous blog we recommended basques, corsets and bustiers for hourglass shaped ladies. Now it's time to expand on that and look at a few individual pieces that will really make your Valentine's Day memorable.

    Dreamgirl Ursula Reversible Corset The Dreamgirl Ursula Reversible Corset is a highly rated, well reviewed corset which is perfect for all sizes!

    It has a fitted cut so without even tightening it up you can see how it will mould to your body in a comfortable and sexy way.

    It also happens to be a long-line corset, meaning that it reaches above the nipple line and below the waist line, so any ladies who feel a bit self conscious about their stomach can rest assured that it'll be hidden beneath a panel of smooth satin!

    Made with strong plastic boning, it won't reduce waist size but it will create a similar effect to a steel boned corset by lifting the bust, tapering the waist and curving over the bottom.

    And the best bit is that by cutting off the washing tags, it's completely reversible so you have two sexy, show-stopping corsets in one!

    Wild Designs Overbust Satin CorsetNow, for the more petite hourglass lady (4'8" - 5' 4") we would recommend the Wild Designs Overbust Satin Corset because of its special fit that is designed to elongate the body.

    Of course, it can be worn by absolutely anyone but it's extra-specially good for the smaller lady!

    One of the most important parts of the corset is the boning. This one has spiral steel boning to the front and back as well as a metal busk. What this means for the wearer is that it will actually reduce your waist size by 2 - 4 inches and give you that really amazing Victorian corseted look!

    Because the boning is spiral steel rather than whale bone or regular steel, it means that it can actually bend to your body instead of remaining stiff and uncomfortable, then flex back once you've taken it off.

    The straps on this corset mean that it can be worn by ladies with any bust size, from A to G! Simply slide them over your shoulders and the extra lift will create an amazing cleavage whilst ensuring your norks don't fall out!

    The front of the corset has a rounded neck for seriously busty good looks whilst the bottom is gently angled to flatten the lower stomach and draw the eye downwards.

    Wear with a pair of jeans for your Valentine's night out or simply team with our Daring Lace Up Shorts for sexy bedroom fun!

    What Katie Did Overbust CorsetFor the tall or more rubenesque lady who wishes to seduce, we recommend the What Katie Did Overbust Corset.

    Although fairly expensive, you get amazing quality from these corsets that will last a life time.

    The cut of these corsets makes them good for the petite girl but perfect for the taller lady as they are tailored to create a very specific shape.

    Slide the smooth satin over your skin and let your partner marvel at the dipped bust area (creates a divine cleavage), your tiny waist and beautiful bottom!

    Metal busk, heavy back lacing and spiral steel boning mean that this corset is as sexy as it is authentic.

    It's also available in a bigger bust version known as the 'Dolly' for girls who are a D cup or more.

    Bloke Tip: Don't know her size? Corsets are sized in different ways depending on how they're boned.

    Take a peek at one of her tops next time she nips to the loo and note down her size (10, 12, 14, 16…) and also nab one of her bras and jot down that size too (32B, 34C, 34DD…).

    If you're unable to do this, take an educated guess then buy the size you think is right - if it's wrong, we offer free returns on lingerie so she can swap it for another size!

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