1. Interview with Lucy Felthouse Author of 'Fantasy Assignment' in Seriously Sexy 3

    Interview with Lucy Felthouse Author of 'Fantasy Assignment' in Seriously Sexy 3

    We are very proud to have Lucy Felthouse, one of the contributing authors to Seriously Sexy 3, in our very own Lovehoney Community, so what better way to get to know one of Xcite's hottest writers than with an interview about all things erotic writing (and gorgeous army guys)!

    As a freelance journalist, Lucy has experience writing, well… everything! From short stories to book reviews, from informative articles to intelligent advice - Lucy has given it all a go but is exceptionally talented when it comes to erotic fiction.

    We caught up with Lucy and found out a little more about the girl behind one of the most amazingly naughty stories in Seriously Sexy 3

    As an established writer, where do you draw your inspiration from for your erotic stories?
    I get asked this a lot, and I never seem to come up with a satisfactory answer! I get my ideas from lots of places. Some of them are based on things that float my boat, for example armed forces' uniforms and outdoor sex. Others are based on fantasies that aren't mine, but that I know other people have. The first erotic story I ever wrote, Sam & Katie, was based on my friend's fantasy of having sex with his teacher back when he was still at school. Occasionally I'll get a tiny glimmer of an idea, be it a character or a place then I'll build a story around it.

    erotic-book-club-lucy-felthouseYou're a journalist in both the erotic and non-erotic mediums so there are some similarities between yourself and lead character Charlene. Is anything else in the story true to real life (please tell us there's a Corporal Stokes somewhere)?
    The attraction to men in uniform is absolutely true to life, as is liking tall men. As for Corporal Stokes… how do I answer this without getting into trouble… there was a guy in uniform once, but I didn't meet him in those circumstances and certainly didn't do the deed with him in a truck!

    There's a big demand, especially in the fetish market, for more uniform-driven erotica. Is it a theme you explore regularly in your work, one you consider your speciality or a one-off?
    I'd say the first two, if I may. I've written a few uniform-based stories now. I guess Sam & Katie was kind of uniform-based, albeit the guy was the one in the school uniform, she in business attire. I've also written a story called Getting What She Wants about a woman who dresses up in school uniform for her fella. It's being published in Forum Magazine this month (February). I'll definitely write more, but I'd like to come up with something a little different that will take people by surprise when they read it.

    In 'Fantasy Assignment', you managed to fit an exciting and unique storyline as well as some undeniably hot sex into a very short space. How was it working to such a limited word count?
    I didn't feel it was limited. I really enjoy writing erotic stories which don't have too much preamble. I'll set the scene and then they'll get down to it! My favourite kinds of erotic short stories are the ones that have lots of hot sex without too much of anything else - they hit the spot more effectively that way.

    Would you consider yourself strictly a short story writer or are you planning to branch out into longer novels?
    The short answer is I definitely plan to branch out into longer work. The more lengthy answer is that I'm struggling to come up with a good plot! Everything I've come up with so far hasn't convinced me to start writing. I believe the characters and the sex would be hot, but the plot which would be necessary to thread the sex scenes in amongst hasn't come naturally. My ideas have seemed too unbelievable. I know a certain amount of imagination and suspense of disbelief are required, but I think if you push it too far people will be too busy scoffing at your storyline to get turned on by the erotica.

    How did you find working with the team at Xcite Books?
    A breeze! I was ridiculously excited (if you'll pardon the pun) when I found out my story was being published, and from there it was a case of signing contracts and eagerly awaiting my author copy so I could see my name in print!

    What projects have you got coming up in the future?
    At the moment I'm working on several short stories, two of which I'm submitting for consideration to Xcite, one for an inaugural issue of a magazine and one for your Erotic Short Story Competition! I'm also constantly reviewing books and DVDs for my website and more 'interesting' items for my Fantasy Nuggets blog!

    Keep reading Xcite Books to see which of Lucy's stories make it into future collections and be sure to pick up your copy of Seriously Sexy 3 with free Blue Lovehoney Bang Bang Bullet Vibrator!

    To chat with Lucy, visit the Lovehoney Community Erotic Book Club section!

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