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  1. Julie Peasgood Press Contacts

    Julie Peasgood Press Contacts

    How to contact Julie.

    Personal Enquiries
    If you have a question about your lovelife, please ask me here. My apologies, but I can't answer all questions personally.

    Business and Press Enquiries
    If you would like to contact Julie about sex tips or sex tips, please email

    Presenting, Public Speaking and Writing
    Julie's presenting and speaking agent is Sue Rider at Sue Rider Management.

    Contact Sue at, call her on 020 8544 1020.

    You can view Julie's showreel on Julie's website.

    Julie's acting agents are Chris Davis Management Ltd. Email them at or call 01584 819005.

    You can see Julie's full acting CV on Julie's website.

    Voice Over
    Julie's voice/over agent is Hobson's. Email them at or call on 020 8995 3628 (and press option 5). Listen to Julie's voice tape by visiting
    The Greatest Sex Tips in the World is published by

    Now Magazine
    Write to Julie at

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