1. Julie Peasgood Press Contacts

    Julie Peasgood Press Contacts

    How to contact Julie.

    Personal Enquiries
    If you have a question about your lovelife, please ask me here. My apologies, but I can't answer all questions personally.

    Business and Press Enquiries
    If you would like to contact Julie about sex tips or sex tips, please email press@lovehoney.co.uk.

    Presenting, Public Speaking and Writing
    Julie's presenting and speaking agent is Sue Rider at Sue Rider Management.

    Contact Sue at info@sueridermanagement.co.uk, call her on 020 8544 1020.

    You can view Julie's showreel on Julie's website.

    Julie's acting agents are Chris Davis Management Ltd. Email them at info@cdm-ltd.com or call 01584 819005.

    You can see Julie's full acting CV on Julie's website.

    Voice Over
    Julie's voice/over agent is Hobson's. Email them at voices@hobsons-international.com or call on 020 8995 3628 (and press option 5). Listen to Julie's voice tape by visiting www.hobsons-international.com
    The Greatest Sex Tips in the World is published by www.thegreatestintheworld.com

    Now Magazine
    Write to Julie at askjulie@ipcmedia.com

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