1. Love Tub Competition - Presenting the Winning Sex Tips!

    Sex Tips Winner scoops a lovely Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub - ladies not included!

    What better way to celebrate the start of 2009 than to reveal the winning sex tips from Lovehoney's Love Tub Competition?

    Thanks to the wonderful folks at DrinkStuff.com, our winner - Kevin from Eastbourne - has loads of fun to look forward to with his prize of a Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub (ooh, how I want one!)

    Huge congratulations to Kevin, and also to our runners up Andrew and Kate, and a big thanks too to everyone who entered. We'll be featuring tips from the competition throughout 2009, so keep tuning in to the Lovehoney Sex Tips blog! for more frisky fabulousness!

    Catch up with all three winning tips below the break..

    'Bring out the Blu-Tac!' by Kevin from Eastbourne (Overall winner)

    The best piece of advice I was ever given was when I was 19 (I'm now 35) and dated a 40 year-old woman who, well lets just say… made a man of me!

    She told me that if you want to successfully bring a woman to orgasm then it requires just the right touch and just the right amount of pressure on her clitoris.

    The best way to learn the right amount of pressure is to take a lump of blu-tac and roll it into a ball with your thumb and finger without leaving any marks on it or mis-shaping it.

    It takes a bit of practice, but it's never failed me. A slow build up to a big explosion.


    ''Lend a hand" by Andy from Altrincham (first runner-up)

    My male friends, all married with kids, ask if there is anything I do to encourage my wife to have more frequent sex. I say 'It's easy - just act on these three words - wash the dishes!' If I wash the dishes my wife sees this as sharing and caring, and frees up her time for the obvious. The more I wash, the more we make love!

    ''Lay the groundwork" by Rebecca (second runner-up)

    When you're getting ready for a night out or a meal, take some pictures on your phone of the sexy underwear (or lack of it!) you're wearing. Then, when you're out and about, gradually text him the photos you prepared earlier. It will drive you both crazy and you'll both be ready for an explosive session by the time you get home!

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