1. Extract of the Fantastic Odalisque by Fleur Reynolds

    Extract of the Fantastic Odalisque by Fleur Reynolds

    How could we have such a fantastic Lovehoney Book of the Month without an extract to tempt you with?

    Fleur Reynolds' Odalisque is such a hot and steamy book that we just had to show you what's in store for you when you pick up your copy with free Lovehoney Ladyfinger 2.0 Mini Vibrator

    odalisque - Book of the MonthOlga, attractive and patrician, was perfectly coiffured and made-up. With her long, almost beak-like nose, and eyes that slanted as if way back in her ancestry there was Mongolian blood, there was something magnificently savage about her. She held her straight mouth with a disdainful air. Tall, in her late thirties and elegantly swathed in flowing chiffon, Olga lounged back with the ease and haughtiness of the very rich and waited for Auralie to get into the car. Olga stretched out a bejewelled hand. The two women smiled at each other - a secret conspiratorial smile. The chauffeur closed the door. Before she could sit down Olga ran her hand up and over Auralie's thighs. She squeezed her bare buttocks.

    "Good girl," she said. "Immediately accessible. I hope you are wet, Cherie."

    Insolently, with no foreplay, Olga pitched her long and elegant forefinger into Auralie's moist, lascivious pussy. Auralie gasped audibly with the sudden rush of pleasure. Moving that finger backwards and forwards Olga quickly found the entrance to Auralie's anus and penetrated that with her ring finger. Excited and willingly impaled on her lover's fingers Auralie squirmed. Olga gripped the whole of Auralie's black mound, forced her back against the leather seat and kissed her mouth. With every orifice plundered Auralie let out squeals of bliss. This was what she liked, what she had been waiting for. Olga's touch. Olga, who knew exactly what to do and how to do it. Olga, who could make her feel first sexy, then erotic and sensual, and finally completely abandoned.

    "Miss me?" Olga asked.

    Auralie turned slightly and smiled. Olga's fingers were making her wetter with every second. Auralie pushed back her shoulders so that Olga could see her erect nipples straining through the fabric of her blouse.

    "Yes," replied Auralie.

    "Then show it," said Olga.

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