1. A New Year, A New Book of the Month - Odalisque

    A New Year, A New Book of the Month - Odalisque

    Odalisque is an exceptional page-turner of a book, full of the most raunchy sex scenes we've ever read! From storyline to sex, from orgies to public exhibitionism, from revenge to pride - this book is utterly compelling and an excellent first Book of the Month for the New Year!

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    OdalisqueOdalisque is part of the 15th Anniversary Editions from Black Lace and when first released in 1994, it instantly became a classic.

    It has absolutely everything that one could want from a piece of erotica - scorchingly hot sex scenes, a plot that is full of twists and turns, an array of intriguing and interesting characters and a setting which is both incredibly sexy yet still believable.

    The story focuses around Auralie and Jeanine who happen to be cousins. Auralie is slender, dark and according to her husband Gerry, a bit of an ice maiden. Jeanine on the other hand is voluptuous, fair and much more welcoming.

    When Gerry cheats on Auralie with Jeanine but gets photographed in the act, both Gerry and Auralie are plunged into a world that they could never imagine existed!

    Auralie claims her revenge through a sordid underground sect, group sex, acts of exhibitionism, spankings and punishments… but what Jeanine doesn't realise is that all this decadence and debauchery, no matter how pleasurable it is, is out to completely destroy her and her business, at any cost. You can read a sexy extract from Odalisque here.

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    And after you've enjoyed the book and your new free sex toy, pop over to the Lovehoney Erotic Book Club Forums and let us know what you think!

    Some questions to consider include:

    - Did you enjoy Odalisque?

    - Could you tell that this book was written over 15 years ago?

    - Which character in the book were you most drawn to?

    - Did you find it hard to sympathise with Auralie or Jeanine?

    - Revenge is not something that is usually associated with sex, how do you think it worked in the context of the book?

    - How do you feel about the conclusion of the book?

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