1. The New Joy of Sex Takes On America!

    The New Joy of Sex Takes On America!

    The fabulous The New Joy of Sex is about to be released in America and the excitement and hype - which it will without a doubt live up to - has already started.

    If you haven't read the original Joy of Sex, don't panic! This isn't a follow up book, it's more of an updated, revised version that everyone needs in their bedside drawer.

    With information on everything from internet pornography, Viagra and sex toys to the basics such as the clitoris and navigating your partner's body, this is the ultimate sexual manual that everyone can learn something from.

    The New Joy of Sex Released in the UK last September, this remarkable book is being released in America in January to an audience that's already excited about the revival of such an incredible better sex guide.

    Susan Quilliam, author of The New Joy of Sex, said in her interview with The New York Times:

    "People desperately need help in negotiating the culture's bewildering sexual messages. Because we are more sexualized, we need something that is credible, accurate and authoritative and as pervasive as sex is, society seems just as ignorant and nervous about it as ever."

    This is where The New Joy of Sex can help as it aims to debunk myths, instil the importance of sexual health and covers everything from the absolute basics to the fabled 'Venus butterfly'.

    With gorgeous photography and text which is as informative as it is poetic, this is sure to get American hearts racing in time for trying out some new moves for Valentine's Day!

    Pick up a copy of The New Joy of Sex at Lovehoney today and keep your eyes peeled for some fantastic new books from the lovely Susan Quilliam.