1. Which is the Quietest Vibrator?

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    If you live with others or have thin walls, then a near-silent vibrator is probably the only way to let go, relax and enjoy yourself.

    However, don’t think that you need to sacrifice power for the sake of sound. Lovehoney has tried and tested a range of toys, and carefully selected the quietest to go in our Extra Quiet Vibrators section.

    Quiet Bullet Vibrators

    Small in size, bullet vibrators are the quietest of all sex toys. However, if you can't have any noise whatsoever from a toy then these three bullets are the closest to a silent sex toy you can get. With a variety of speeds and patterns, each will give you a range of sensations at a whisper-quiet noise level.

    Quiet Rabbit Vibrators

    With rabbit ears and a shaft to power, rabbit vibrators require a lot of power - and with great power usually comes great noise. If you love dual stimulation but can't stand the whirring of most bunnies, a silicone rabbit will give you stimulation without excess decibels.

    Quiet Remote Control Vibrators

    Many couples are discovering the joys of remote control vibrators and teasing each other in the bedroom and beyond… A quiet accomplice is required for the job and when it comes to remote vibes, a good rule of thumb is that the higher the price tag, the more confident you can be that noone else will hear your antics.

    Quiet Vibrators

    When you need a classic vibrator to fit the bill, these three are ideal quiet companions. From left to right, they go from the most girthsome and powerful to the slimmest and more gentle.

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