1. We-Vibe gets a 5-star review in Scarlet Magazine

    We-Vibe gets a 5-star review in Scarlet Magazine

    We've known for some time that the We-Vibe is the best toy for couples, so it's great to see that the reviewers at Scarlet Magazine agree!

    Describing the unique couple's toy as the "creme de la creme", Scarlet Magazine says:

    "This experience must be tried - it brings a whole new meaning to the term 'trigasmic'!"

    We didn't know the old meaning of the word 'trigasmic', but we're very happy that they've found a new meaning for it thanks to the We-Vibe.

    Check out our customer reviews of the We-Vibe to read more first-hand accounts of the vibrator in action.

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    • shannon: February 01, 2009 21:14
      Me andme partner love this sex toy. We think its the best for quickies as it makes both of us climax within 10 minutes!
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