1. Aural Sex with Pleasure Director Carly Drew - Part 2

    Aural Sex with Pleasure Director Carly Drew - Part 2

    If you're still working on your sexy mix tape/disc for Christmas or simply want a few tunes to get you in the mood, this blog will give you some more ideas of what's in the top 10 and what's not even made it in to the charts!

    So part 1 gave you three awesomely sexy songs in a range of styles to pick and choose from and this time we're going to give you three more!

    Tip Three: Give it to them in a way they won't forget (ooh err!)

    Why not put the mix CD in their car stereo so when they're driving to and from work they can get in the mood for what you're going to do to them when they walk in the door? Or if you're feeling particularly flush, fill up an iPod with naughty tunes then give it to them on Christmas day (along with an iBuzz Two Vibrator) - you're guaranteed that the washing up will get done in record time!

    Hopefully by now you've had a look at your partner's CD collection and figured out what they may like to hear in a sexy situation, but here are a few recommendations from Lovehoney if you're lost or in need of some inspiration:

    prince-purple-rainPrince - Purple Rain
    'Darling Nikki'

    When this song was first released it was considered so raunchy that Tipper Gore decided to put together the Parents Music Resource Centre to have those annoying 'Parental Advisory' stickers put on everything.

    It's dirty, it's sexy and it has lyrics that'll bring a naughty smile to your face! And if Prince isn't really your thing, the Foo Fighters did an equally excellent cover of this song that just makes you want to take all your clothes off!

    Portishead - Dummy
    'Glory Box'

    A glorious trip-hop song that samples a soulful Isaac Hayes tune, mixes it in with some purring female vocals and gives you a walking bass line and steady beat that are perfect for getting down and dirty too!

    This would make for a great opener on your mix disc as it really sets the mood and would work well with a burlesque style striptease.

    Dragonette - Galore
    'I Get Around'

    "Here I come when I better go, I say yes when I ought to say no" - says it all really! This is the perfect electro-pop song for fun, playful sex. It's also a great song to wake up to as the strong rhythm and upbeat sounds will really get you going - in more ways than one!

    Tip four: Save money on going to a strip club by giving him a lap dance at home

    Put on your sexy mix disc and start removing a set of your favourite lingerie in time to the song of your choice. He'll appreciate the attention and you'll get to build up your self-confidence as he looks on in awe at you! It's also a fun and unique kind of foreplay that he won't be forgetting any time soon…

    For more information and discussion on sexy songs and music to make love to visit the Lovehoney Community and keep checking the Lovehoney Sex Tips Blog.

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