1. December Book of the Month - The Fabulous Tracey Cox Kama Sutra!

    December Book of the Month - The Fabulous Tracey Cox Kama Sutra!

    We've been overcome with the generosity of the Christmas season here at Lovehoney! For December, we're offering a very special book of the month - Tracey Cox's Kama Sutra!

    Ok, so technically it's not an erotic novel, but this really is the gift that keeps on giving! Especially as when you buy this beautiful hardback book for just £14.99 you get a free bottle of Tracey Cox Supersex Love Lubricant - so whilst trying out some phenomenal new positions, you're ensured maximum comfort as well as unstoppable orgasms!

    Tracey Cox is an international sex, body language and relationship expert with a fantastic amount of experience in presenting television shows, writing amazing books and helping to create products that will improve your sex life.

    Tracey Cox Kama SutraThe Tracey Cox Kama Sutra is one of her most recent books and makes the perfect Christmas present for both those who want to subtly hint to their partner about trying something new and advanced sexual adventurers who are looking for the next apex to conquer!

    Taking the stuffy and often confusing original Kama Sutra text, Tracey uses her own unique, humorous and easy to understand style, combined it with concepts, positions and techniques from all of the infamous ancient texts (the Tao and Tantra as well as the Kama Sutra) and created a book that is as much about sexual positions as it is about intimacy and sexual wisdom.

    If you've been put off by the spiritual style of other Kama Sutra books, with their long-winded text and ultra-flexible models with abdominal muscles of steel, then it really is worth getting a copy of Tracey Cox's Kama Sutra.

    Not only are the photographs genuinely gorgeous but there are lots of them - enough to give you a visual step-by-step guide to performing even the most complex of positions!

    All of the photos are also accompanied by insightful text from Tracey that really helps you to get to grips with what you're doing.

    So if you fancy picking up some hot sex tips and learning some brilliant new positions, then put a copy of the beautifully presented Tracey Cox Kama Sutra in your basket today and get your free, 4 star rated Tracey Cox Supersex Love Lubricant worth £4.99 with it too!

    Whilst exploring this amazing book, consider these questions:

    - Did you read Tracey Cox Kama Sutra straight through or did you dip in and out to the bits you were really interested in?

    - What did you think of the writing style?

    - Did the photographs help you?

    - Did you buy the book for yourself or as a gift?

    - Have you read or seen any Kama Sutra books before? If so, what do you think of this edition in comparison?

    - Have you attempted any of the positions or ideas from the book? If so, how successful were they?

    - Is there anything from this book that you'll be using regularly?

    To discuss Tracey Cox Kama Sutra and let us know your views, visit the Lovehoney Erotic Book Club Forums.