1. Thieves Steal Lovehoney's Used Sex Toys

    Thieves Steal Lovehoney's Used Sex Toys

    If you live in Bath (where Lovehoney is based) and someone offers to sell you a cheap sex toy, don't buy - we've had a load of used ones stolen.

    The toys were stored in a locked external container, ready to be sent for recycling under our Rabbit Amnesty sex toy recycling scheme.

    They were stolen at some point between Sunday 23 November and the morning of Monday 24 November 2008, and have an estimated retail value of £750.

    Avon and Somerset Police have been notified and are investigating the matter.

    We launched the Rabbit Amnesty scheme in August 2007, to provide sex toy users with a green and ethical way to dispose of their outdated or over-loved toys.

    The second-hand toys are delivered to a Designated Collection Facility (DCF) where they are fully recycled and treated in an ecologically sound manner. To date, we've recycled about 5 tonnes of used sex toys.

    Except for this last lot. So if someone sidles up to you in a pub and offers you a cheap rabbit, tell 'em where to get off.

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    • sextoyfanatic: December 09, 2008 08:23
      Who would buy a stolen sex toy? If I would find like this I wouldn't buy form it even if it's cheap I may get some bacteria when I will use the sex toys.LOL
    • Oh dear...: December 10, 2008 21:15
      Oh bugger. My husband bought me a bargain one the other day in Bath!

      I've been using it for a few days now and oh my...I think I'd better be off to the doctors to get checked :(

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