1. Move over Carrie and Big - Lady Chatterley and Mellors are the Hottest Fictional Characters!

    Move over Carrie and Big - Lady Chatterley and Mellors are the Hottest Fictional Characters!

    Earlier in the autumn, we ran the Lovehoney Erotic Book Club Survey and asked you about your naughty reading habits! Now it's time to reveal the results…

    One of the most pleasantly surprising results of the survey is the trouncing of Carrie and Big by Lady Chatterley and Mellors to the title of hottest lovers in literature!

    D.H. Lawrence's outrageous couple also triumphed over Romeo and Juliet (12%), chick lit favourites Bridget Jones and Mark Darcy (10%) and Elizabeth and Darcy from Pride and Prejudice (11%) - a clear vote for raunch over romance.

    Here are the full results from the fantastic survey in which over 1,000 people participated:

    The Stallion - Erotic Book Club SurveyWhy do you read erotic books?
    Hot sex scenes to get off to on my own: 33%
    Lets me explore my fantasies: 19%
    Fun to read: 18%
    Great as a warm up for sex: 16%
    Sex tips and ideas for me to try out: 15%

    What's your favourite type of erotic book?
    Real life confessions: 27%
    Contemporary - modern setting: 26%
    Fetish - kinky bondage: 12%
    Historical - set in the past: 10%
    Sex Tips and Advice: 9%
    Romantic - love stories: 8%
    Biographical - Belle De Jour style: 5%
    Paranormal - spooky happenings: 3%

    Where did your first erotic book come from?
    I bought it: 55%
    A friend lent it to me: 17%
    I got it free with a magazine: 11%
    Someone else bought it for me: 8%
    It belonged to my parents: 6%
    I borrowed it from a library: 3%

    Which term best describes how you feel about reading erotic books?
    An illicit indulgence: 65%
    No different from any other book: 24%
    My favourite kind of book: 11%
    An embarrassing secret: 0%

    Who are the hottest literary couple?
    Lady Chatterley and Mellors: 45%
    Carrie and Big: 12%
    Romeo and Juliet:12%
    Elizabeth and Mr Darcy: 11%
    Bridget Jones and Mark Darcy: 10%
    Heathcliff and Catherine: 9%
    Adrian Mole and Pandora: 1%

    Are you male or female?
    Female: 81%
    Male: 19%

    We here at the Lovehoney Erotic Book Club think that it's absolutely fantastic that no one who took part in the survey sees reading erotica as an embarrassing secret and we're doing our best to keep pushing erotica into the mainstream!

    The Erotic Book Club aims to introduce more people to the joys of erotica by offering a special naughty novel every month which comes with a free themed sex toy!

    This month's sexy offering is The True Confessions of a London Spank Daddy - a sexy book which explores the secret world of spanking and BDSM - and when you buy this amazing book, you also receive a free set of Masked Moments Twin Blindfolds, so you can have a little BDSM fun of your own!

    Visit the Erotic Book Club for more information including exclusive downloadable E-books, extracts from the book of the month, author interviews, erotic discussion and even tips on how to write your own erotic masterpiece!