1. Participate In The Independent's Love and Sex Survey

    Participate In The Independent's Love and Sex Survey

    Following on from The Independent's fantastic Love and Sex supplement, that ran for several weeks earlier this autumn, the newspaper has now launched a Love and Sex Survey.

    The Independent wants you to participate in the sexy survey in order to find out how modern Britain feels about love and sex.

    The questions are about everything from our sexual attitudes, our partners' needs and wants, and all those dirty little secrets we might not say anywhere else!

    The Independent's Guide to Love and Sex Survey is anonymous - and, in just a few weeks, the results will be released and finally reveal what Britain's bedroom antics are really like!

    If you fancy finding out about other people's sex lives before the survey results are revealed, why not check out the Nexus Confessions books?

    These naughty novels contain everything from spanking to cross dressing, giving you a glimpse into the extreme, daring and shocking experiences of ordinary men and women, driven by their desires.

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      yes im human
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      done it now...
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