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  1. Free Erotic Short Story - They Get Lonely Too by Deacon Redwood

    Free Erotic Short Story - They Get Lonely Too by Deacon Redwood

    We're thinking about changing our name to Free-Erotic-Stories 'R' Us, what do you reckon? No? We'll stick with Lovehoney then! We'll also stick by our promise to bring you the hottest free short stories around!

    Our latest offering is the highly humorous and ever-so arousing They Get Lonely Too by Deacon Redwood. This fantastic story won a runner's up place in our Erotic Short Story Competition and won Deacon £50 worth of sex toys from Lovehoney!

    This entertaining tale details the exploits of Maria and her favourite G-spot vibrator. Laced with humour and achingly sexy, this is a story which is sure to make you blush and smile at the same time!

    They Get Lonely TooAs Deacon explained of the story:

    At first it was just a fun idea, but I soon found myself wondering what would happen if a sex toy became a sentient being. How would it feel? Would it be happy? What would it say? The result was a good story that isn't just an out and out smut-fest!"

    And Lovehoney entirely agrees! To download your free e-book of Deacon's story, simply click here: They Get Lonely Too by Deacon Redwood.

    Comments (2)

    • Orangejelly: February 21, 2009 16:38
      Awfull, corney and way too wierd
    • Dirty Harry: June 01, 2009 23:23
      Wow OrangeJelly, you spelled "awful", "corny" AND "weird" wrong! That's amazing! I liked the story myself!
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