1. Daily Mail Calls Aeolus 5 Pheromone Spray 'Irresistible'

    Daily Mail Calls Aeolus 5 Pheromone Spray 'Irresistible'

    Looking for a way to make yourself inexplicably more attractive to the opposite sex? Look no further than Aeolus Pheromone Sprays - described by the Daily Mail as 'Irresistible'.

    According to the Daily Mail, the female version - Aeolus 5 - makes you completely irresisible to the men - at least, that's the theory.

    Specially formulated to give off youthful, exuberant odours that men simply cannot resist, Aeolus 5 contains androstenol and fruity odours called copulins, which essentially make you smell fertile and a little fruity! And men come-a-crawling…

    "Within half an hour my colleague Oliver said how good I looked," said the Daily Mail's Aeolus 5 tester, Lara Nichols. "I went to a speed-dating event and had to ask a man to get away from me three times - although I suppose he may have been desperate. I was also asked on a second date by someone I rather liked."

    "I'm impressed - it certainly increased the amount of male attention I received and since I'm looking for love, that suits me."

    See Aeolus 5 Pheromone Spray for Women here.

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