1. The Mysterious Peter Jones - The Exclusive Interview with London's Spank Daddy!

    The Mysterious Peter Jones - The Exclusive Interview with London's Spank Daddy!

    The November Book of the Month, The True Confessions of a London Spank Daddy, is surrounded by mystery and intrigue but Lovehoney is here to bring you an exclusive interview with the author!

    No one knows quite who Peter Jones the author of the book is, all we are told is that he is a married 55 year-old man who works in London as a solicitor.

    He's also London's most prolific Spank Daddy - a master, teacher, disciplinarian and lover to many women who wish to submit and be spanked, paddled, whipped and caned.

    Lovehoney has managed to get an exclusive interview with Xcite Books' most enigmatic of authors and present it here for your delectation!

    How easy or hard did you find it to write the book, particularly as you had to censor yourself in regards to names, places and your own identity?
    When writing the book I found the whole process of concealing identities very simple, I very much doubt if more than one or two people even recognise themselves in the book and where they do their locations and professions are so well disguised that no one could possibly put two and two together.

    All the speculation as to my true identity that I have seen on spanking sites was well wide of the mark. However, since the book has been published things have become tougher.

    It's quite normal to sit and discuss your past experiences with new potential spankees, to give them ideas as to what might turn them on, but once I start recounting past experiences, I get very worried that anyone who has read the book would either recognise me straight away and suspect I'm the London Spank Daddy or alternatively think I am a complete fantasist who has simply read the book. I have yet to find a way around this.

    I have, however, revealed my true identity to one or two who I genuinely felt I could trust, if they are married with kids they want the publicity even less than me.

    The book was actually released at the same time that the Max Mosley case came to light, what did you make of all that?
    When my publishers persuaded me to reveal all at the beginning of the year, little did I know that the News Of The World and Max Mosley would bring spanking so much into the glare of the media spotlight.

    The case has shown that spanking isn't just for perverts. A growing number of healthy, well-adjusted people, liberated by the internet, are deriving great enjoyment from it without doing any harm.

    My view is that most of us need a little fantasy, a little danger even, in our lives; spanking does it for me and many other people.

    Of all the clients you wrote about in your book, the naughty couple Caroline and Brian, the gorgeous and sophisticated Anthea, the cool and collected Lucy, who was your favourite and why?
    I loved the experience with Anthea, she knew exactly what she wanted and wasn't scared to go out and get it. It takes a lot of courage to do that. But if a girl can do it and remain safe and sound as Anthea did (she had done her research on me I am sure) then the benefits can be electrifying. On this occasion they were. She was so demure, middle class, butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, yet stripped to her underwear she had such a fabulous body and her choice of lingerie was spot on.

    I never heard from her again but I shall never forget her.

    The True Confessions of a London Spank DaddyWhat made you decide to become a Spank Daddy?
    Corporal punishment was a common part of everyday life when I was young. I was fascinated and terrified by it in equal measure. Although I attended a mixed grammar school it was very rare for any of the girls to be caned; in fact only one was caned all the time I was at school, but she was a very attractive girl, whom I rather fancied, and I think it was from that never-to-be-forgotten day of her caning that I started to imagine, and fantasize about, what it would be like to be the person who had the authority to cane a shapely bottom.

    After school, I kept up my interest in corporal punishment by reading magazines like Janus and Forum. I tried, without much success, to get my girlfriends interested but it wasn't really until the internet came along, with its chat-rooms and special interest websites, that I was able to put my fantasies into practice.

    Have you ever been spanked yourself?
    Yes, in order to learn how to do it, I went through it all myself. I had been caned once at school, which was extremely painful and not at all arousing, but I went to an experienced female dominatrix who gave me a good thrashing and showed me how pain and pleasure can be combined.

    What a good spanking should achieve is a combined adrenaline and endomorphin rush, which is sometimes known as 'flying'. Flying is, people say, better than orgasm.

    Have you ever considered branching into other areas of BDSM such as bondage, electro sex or even exploring the medical fetish idea - playing the doctor as opposed to the disciplinarian?
    Bondage intrigues me and I am starting to explore it. I have recently developed a relationship with a girl 20 years my junior who wants to be my sex slave, so I hope that progresses. Electro and medical play do nothing for me at all unfortunately

    Have you come across other spank daddies and would you consider it a competitive scene?
    There are lots of them out there and it is competitive. In the early stages finding people to play with is almost impossible, but as your experience and reputation grows it makes you more attractive and they come hunting for you. I now have far more potential clients than I can deal with and can afford to be very choosy.

    Girls don't necessarily want to be dominated, they want to submit and there is a crucial difference. If the girl has sought you out willingly and come to you asking for help, discipline and mentorship, it makes for a better relationship than one where the Spank Daddy has done the chasing. A lot of men simply don't get that.

    To the uninformed, spanking and caning could be seen as purely sadomasochistic and that there's nothing to be gained from it. Why do people want to be spanked? Is it different for each person or does it really boil down to a strong psychological pull for the need to be punished?
    It depends on the individual as to what they gain from it.

    Some ladies come to me for punishment for real-life transgressions; others use it as a cathartic release or to make a clean break from a bad habit.

    One woman came to me because she had a huge guilt trip - which stemmed back to a time when her young child ran out into the street, when she wasn't paying attention because she was too busy in a chat-room, and a neighbour had to bring her back. She said she needed to be caned. After our session she said she felt marvellous and her guilt had disappeared.

    For the women in high-powered, successful jobs, they want to be able to give up control to their Spank Daddy, if only for a couple of hours.

    Some people like to be spanked purely for the sexual arousal and sessions do sometimes lead to intercourse, although this isn't a necessity when they hire me.

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