1. Lovehoney's Erotic Book Club Gets a Mention on the Alan Titchmarsh Show

    Lovehoney's Erotic Book Club Gets a Mention on the Alan Titchmarsh Show

    Yesterday, the fabulous sexpert Julie Peasgood did a segment on erotic books during ITV1's The Alan Titchmarsh Show.

    Julie explained erotica to be like "posh porn - intelligent reading for women who want something a bit grittier in their stories!" She also mentioned that women who read erotica not only do so for the brilliant storylines but to pick up sex tips too.

    During the segment, she read from the fabulous Portia DaCosta book Hotbed - a steamy tale of two sisters who become rivals after challenging each other to numerous dares which lead to darker and darker consequences, including naughty affairs and the transgressing of sexual boundaries with men who aren't quite what they seem.

    She also mentioned the Lovehoney Erotic Book Club - the best place for all the hottest erotica around!

    The reason our book club is so unique is because every month we choose one of the best erotic novels or short story collections and sell it along with a free sex toy! So not only do you get a little something to occupy your mind, you get something extra to entertain your body at the same time!

    The Devil and the Deep Blue SeaThis month's Book of the Month is The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by Cheryl Mildenhall - a timeless tale of hot, holiday sex!

    It also comes with a free Waterproof PowerHead Rocket 4 Piece Massager Vibrator worth £9.99 - the perfect holiday-themed sex toy for the perfect holiday-themed read!

    Julie also suggested reading better sex books and included this slightly bizarre tip from one of them:

    "Hang a sheet up in the middle of a room (or form a coat hanger on your wardrobe door) and stand either side of it so that you can't see each other. Naked, feel for each other through the sheet and rub lightly up against each other. What you think about during this, I'll leave to you. The novelty of the experience should make you feel aroused very quickly!"

    To find out a few of Julie's very own sex tips, get a hold of a copy of "The Greatest Sex Tips In The World" - one of the most highly rated better sex books on Lovehoney!

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