1. Lovehoney's Chocolate Body Pens and Willy Spread Free of Melamine!

    There have been recent reports in the news about some chocolate foreplay products from China containing melamine - an industrial chemical that can cause kidney failure. All of Lovehoney's products have been tested and have below the maximum amount of 2.5mg of melamine per kilogram!

    Chocolate and Strawberry Body Pen Set The products suspected of being infected were Chocolate Flavoured Willy Spread, Chocolate Flavoured Nipple Spread and the Chocolate and Strawberry Lovers Body Pen Set and whereas other retailers have had to pull theirs from the shelves - we have the official seal of approval from Leatherhead Food International and supplier Boxer Games that all of our products are safe!

    So if you've bought any of these kinky foreplay accessories from Lovehoney, you needn't worry!

    If you fancy spicing up your sex life then body paint and rude food is an excellent way of doing it.

    Your partner will simply love the sensations of having something as delicious as Chocolate Body Paint licked off their most sensitive areas and you'll love the sweet taste too!

    If you don't fancy messing up the bed sheets, there's always the After Dinner Chocolate Willies - the perfect complement to a romantic meal or a great gift on a hen night! Sharing the willies with your partner is sure to induce naughty giggles and even lead to some seriously sexy foreplay.

    Brilliant fun, totally delicious and completely safe!