1. LoveBunni.es Features on the Good URL, Bad URL Blog!

    LoveBunni.es Features on the Good URL, Bad URL Blog!

    The inner geek buried deep inside all of us here at Lovehoney, loved the fact that our First Official FaceBook Sex Toy, the Love Bunny, got a mention for its unique website name in one of the best internet related blogs around.

    Love Bunny Vibrating Mini MassagerLoveBunni.es featured as a 'good URL' on the blog Good URL, Bad URL, which aims to teach those who are setting up a website exactly what URLs will bring them lots of traffic and which ones will simply be ignored (or in this case, mocked)!

    As URL-aholic Aaron Goldman explains:

    "Here's an interesting one. Richard Longhurst runs this company and sent this in thinking I'd blast it but I actually kind of dig it. Creative use of a country TLD and "don't forget the dot" to help those that might overlook it. This URL's got hops."

    We have had some questions in the past as to why the website has the .es ending, as that is the domain name registry for Spain, but when people realise the totally unique, super-sexy, orgasm inducing product it's promoting, their interest is instantly taken elsewhere!

    To find out more about LoveBunnies download the FaceBook application or visit the official lovebunni.es website!

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