1. Girl With A One Track Mind's Top 10 Sex Toys for Men

    Girl With A One Track Mind's Top 10 Sex Toys for Men

    Sex blogger Abby Lee, aka Girl With A One Track Mind, found fame with her super-candid sexual diaries. And in equally candid fashion, she's here to reveal her top ten sex toys for men!

    And you can buy her book, Confessions of the Seductress Next Door on Lovehoney too! "Frustrated with her mediocre love-life, she's now looking for the kind of sex she's always wanted…" Possibly with the help of a sex toy or two!

    1 Ice Lady Fleshlight
    I've given this as a gift to a few men I know and all of them said the same thing: "Wow!" They also said it was the closest thing they'd experienced to real sex. I can't argue with that, nor with how nice it might be to watch yourself thrusting in and out of this, if you're a bloke. A winner, I think.

    2 Aneros MGX Prostate Massager
    This is the king of toys. Put it in, squeeze, feel the ergonomic design put fantastic pressure directly onto your prostate, then orgasm: simple. Seriously, it just works. Men, if you're familiar with your g-spot, buy it; and if you're not familiar with your g-spot, you should be, so get this toy! Highly recommended.

    3 Ice Lady Speed Bump Fleshlight Insert
    This Fleshlight insert has knobbly bits throughout the interior, and, from what I've heard, the sensation whilst using it is incredible.

    4 Naughty Boy Prostate Massager
    If you want to explore prostate/bum play, this is a great way to start. Like the Rude Boy, but a slimmer shape so ideal for beginners, this toy's curves offer great stimulation with awesome vibrations.

    5 Tantus ProTouch Silicone Vibrating Butt Plug
    This is a fantastic butt plug. Made of flexible silicone, it's nicely shaped and gently tapered, with powerful vibrations that emanate all the way to the tip. It's a fab introduction to having your prostate stimulated if you're new to bum play.

    6 Rude Boy Prostate Vibrator
    The male equivalent to the Rock Chick: it's a toy that you can slip inside, get intense stimulation, fantastic vibrations, and use hands free, too.

    7 Tantus Zing Vibrating Silicone Butt Plug
    If you're seeking a bit more of a full feeling from bum toys, this is the one for you. A generous shape, offering gentle pressure, and with a very powerful vibrating bullet, it's the work-horse of butt plugs.

    8 Omazing Vibrating Waterproof Cock Ring
    Although this cock ring can be used with a partner, I think guys should make use of the fact that they can adjust the vibrating bullet to rest directly on their testicles, and given it's waterproof, that spells early morning solo fun in the shower, to my mind…

    9 Lovehoney Magic Cock Ring
    This is another toy that can be used solo. With rings that cup both the shaft and balls, and a strong vibrating bullet that sends pulses throughout these, I think it offers a fun way for men to liven up self-play.

    10 Monkey Spanker Male Masturbator
    When you fancy something a little different, or you're just feeling lazy or tired, this toy gives a different and new way to enjoy some alone time.

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    • Martin Bryan: June 18, 2011 16:20
      personally my favourite toy out of the above is the Rude Boy Prostate Vibrator. As a straight man most of you will think why stick something inside you if you are straight? but i have to tell you all that its the most enjoyable experience ive had with a sex toy yet, Plus its amazing for keeping your prostate gland healthy. All you straight guys should give it a go. I found a list of the best prostate massager's online at a website called mygayrelationship.com i think. Check it out!
    • Adult Toys: December 07, 2012 13:55
      Thanks Lovehoney..

      Very nice list. These all are very best toys. Man can use it as per mood change..

    • Lukas: December 09, 2013 13:18
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