1. The Top 10 Sex Blogs of This Week

    The Top 10 Sex Blogs of This Week

    There's no better way to spend an afternoon than browsing through the best sex blogs from all over the internet!

    Here are the top 10 blogs from this week!

    Jimmyjane Little Chroma VibratorThe best Lovehoney blogs this week are:

    Sex Toys - A Historical Overview - More fun than a regular history lesson, this is an interesting look into just how sex toys came about!

    More Magazine Reports on Sex Doll Addiction - Whilst we never thought this was possible, More magazine proves us wrong!

    Syria Produces Some Sexy Lingerie - It's hard to believe that one of the world's most conservative countries is actually one that is pushing the boundaries when it comes to sexy lingerie! Find out all about it in this neat lingerie blog.

    Experiment with an Anal Vibrator - Another short yet genius tip from the Lovehoney Community members! This time it's all about how to enjoy your anal play.

    Interview with Cheryl Mildenhall, Author of The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea - Join in the jubilations as we get to interview one of the greatest Black Lace authors around.

    The best sex-related blogs from elsewhere this week are:

    Lust Bites: Scenes We Love No. 2 - A genius blog which is part of a series that explores the scenes and sections of movies that made us swoon! This blog explores the film The Labyrinth, but sadly doesn't mention the armadillo shoved down David Bowie's tights!

    Daily Bedpost: How to Talk Dirty without Feeling like an Ass - A humourous and informative blog from the inimitable Em and Lo. This is advice that is truly memorable!

    The Frisky: Five Sexy Freebies - A true back-to-basics blog! The ladies and gents over at The Frisky have given 5 brilliant pointers on how to make your sex life more exciting, without having to break the bank!

    Boinkology: Tantra Chair - A Sex Chair We Might Actually Buy - This blog introduces us all to the sexiest piece of furniture around!