1. The Only Sex Advice You'll Ever Need - Right Here at Lovehoney!

    The Only Sex Advice You'll Ever Need - Right Here at Lovehoney!

    Every week we gather the best advice from the top sexperts right here. This week, the world's sexperts seem to have been reporting on how to spice up your love life! Must be something in the water…

    Dr Catherine Hood of the Sunday Mirror offers a little advice on the issue of the week: How you can be a sexy minx again!

    Suicide Girls: The First Tour DVD"When your life consists of cooking, cleaning, working and looking after the kids it's easy to lose touch with the sexy minx who first dated your husband. But you can find that goddess within you and here are some tips to get you started.

    Become skilled in a particular sexual move, whether it's simple and honest or daring and exciting. But be sure it is something you feel confident in being able to carry off.

    Don't let your sex life get stale. When going to bed becomes sex-by-numbers then it's time to introduce a new angle. Use erotic literature, films or sex toys to shake up an old routine."

    The new angle that she's talking about could even include one of Lovehoney's very own adult DVDs!

    A highly rated film is the fantastic Suicide Girls: The First Tour DVD. This fantastic disc follows 10 gorgeous Suicide Girls around America as they perform their incredible burlesque show sin over 45 cities! You get to see these live performances, behind the scenes footage and find out what it means to be a Suicide Girl!

    A brilliant addition to your DVD collection - it will leave you both hot under the collar, without the off-putting, graphic nature of some adult movies!

    The Sun's Dear Deidre has written all about putting the sparkle back in your sex life:

    Liberator Ramp"Vary your setting. If you always make love in your good old double bed, a hint of tedium can set in even before you've touched one another. Look for chances to vary where you make love as well as when.

    If you've the house to yourselves at least occasionally, you can revive the fun of the sofa or living-room floor of your courting days. If privacy is a problem, use the remedy of countless courting couples - the back of the car or some other quiet spot.

    Half the fun of an affair is often seizing even uncomfortable opportunities. Faithful couples shouldn't miss out on it all."

    A brilliant tool for helping to shake up your sex life is a clever sex toy called the Liberator Ramp. This brilliant wedge, allows you to attempt positions that you never imagined were possible! And for even more fun, there's the Liberator Wedge Ramp Combo with movable pieces that you can adjust for the ultimate manoeuvrability during sex!

    Take it into the bedroom and your boring double bed will become the ultimate pleasure-provider!

    Even the sexperts over at AskMen have been getting in on the action by listing their 10 Sex It Up Essentials:

    "Every bedroom should contain a treasure chest containing your own spicy set of pleasure and foreplay enhancers. The following should be readily available:

    Chocolate Body Paint1 - Lubricants and massage oils. If you're using condoms, use only water-based types; oil-based lubes can damage condoms. Also, be careful to avoid getting any oil inside the vagina. This may cause irritation.
    2 - Sex toys you enjoy.
    3 - A blindfold - preferably of soft, satiny material for comfort.
    4 - Erotica to read to each other or films you find stimulating.
    5 - Stockings or soft ties for bondage play and a pair of handcuffs.
    6 - A feather or "brush" for playful touching.
    7 - Little sexy surprises for your lover: a silky thong, some surprise stockings, fun chocolates or love dice.
    8 - Dental dams and condoms for safer sex. Don't forget some latex gloves for sensual stimulation of the anal area without scratching your lover with your nails.
    9 - A box of luxury tissues and/or a soft cloth for "cleaning up."
    10 - And in the fridge, erotic edibles that you love, such as cream, yogurt, jam, sauces, honey and jelly. You'll find that sticky things such as jelly and honey feel fabulous on the genitals when gently warmed. Test the temperature on your inner wrist and then smooth it on and lap it off."

    We can't argue with that! The one thing that your toy box can't be without however, is Chocolate Body Paint. This brilliantly naughty art supply not only tastes delicious but it makes foreplay all the more exciting!

    Spread it over your partner's most sensitive areas and vary between long, hard licks and soft, teasing nibbles. Before you know it, you'll be ready to move on to the main course!

    Comments (9)

    • Dave Sergeant: October 06, 2008 21:41
      It may seem a strange to have a query of mature years about his John Thomas (pet name for cock ) The thing I cant understand why it seems to change size . From what I understand I am of average size when I am erect and that is 5 and a half inches . {please correct me if Im wrong) But in its flacid state it varies in length and size . When I get up in the morning to spend a penny it seems it seems to be quite long then after ive dressed and its encassed in my pants and I need for instance to pop to the toilet again John Thomas seems to have got a lot smaller . If it gets cold he seems to srink too. If I am sunbathing ( I am an naturist) and the sun shines on him then John Tho,as seems to grow .Must point out he doent get erect just expands . The thing about John Thomas is that he has a mind of his own if you know what I mean ? Girth is changed as well . Its not as if during these stages he is excited he is not . Why does this happen ? I would love to know . Hope you can help .Hope its not a silly query . Thanks a lot Dave .
    • Jo: November 04, 2008 23:33
      It's called blood pressure mate, I believe Love Honey stock Cock enlargers if its really causing you issues
    • Jo: November 04, 2008 23:35
      P.S. The average length is 8 inches not 5.5. Sorry mate
    • Chris: December 29, 2008 19:15
      it is actually 5 and a half in the US and UK, i have done a PhD in Sexuality and phychology. 8 inches is what answer they get in surveys, but 5.5 is the real length gotten my medical clinics. This shows that the average man lies by 2.5 inches when telling people the size of their penis or "John Thomas".
    • Tina: December 31, 2008 03:42
      Yeah Jo, I agree with Chris here. I have never had a man who's been more than six inches, that's big enough, anything bigger would really frighten me and I am VERY comfortable with sex and my sexuality!

      And yes, I also agree a lot of men lie about the size of their penis by about that size. Again I've had a few men do it to me. Form what I understand, they lie because they've been taught to believe that all women desire a bigger penis, when in actual fact, most of us are very satisfied around the 5.5 mark. My current guy's is slightly above average, and as I've just started seeing him (we've been friends for a long time and always secretly been in love) and I gotta tell ya, his size IS worrying me a little!

      I think your comments may come across as a little insensitive to this guy, even though you probably don't mean it to be that way. But I hope reading mine, Chris' posts, and any others, will help to reassure him that he is a good average size, and what his John Thomas is doing in the warm and in the cold is perfectly normal!

      Lucky man Dave, owning that size! ;)

    • Mark: February 09, 2009 13:02
      I agree, my cock is a pretty good size at 6 inches when hard and my wife just loves it. I have bought her a nice thick 8 inch vibrator - and quite frankly she uses the smaller one about 5 inches and she enjoys it. So I really dont think the 8.5 inch cock is average - which means there are a lot of cocks out there that are about 10 inches and a lot about 6 inches...so average of 5.5 or 6 inches has got to be right.
    • Tina: February 10, 2009 19:32
      You're absolutely spot on there Mark. An ex of mine bought me a larger than average vibrator once, I can definitely say I use the smaller one I bought myself a lot more.
    • Mark: February 11, 2009 08:13
      Agreed Tina - I guess is is actually how you use it and for how long you can use it...LOL...Mich uses the small vive and a little set of vibrating rabits ears...on he clit only and she just loves it...it has a hole for my cock too and we really enjoy it....
    • Tina: February 11, 2009 12:13
      The vibrating rabbit ears sound pretty good! But yeah, it is definitely how it's used... too wide in girth and it just hurts, and too ong and al she's feeling is the part that's at her opening anyway, since that's where all the nerve endings are...