1. A Renewed Classic - The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

    A Renewed Classic - The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

    Originally published 13 years ago, The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea has been given a new lease of life for the 15th Anniversary of Black Lace.

    In keeping with the oceanic theme of the Book of the Month, we're giving away a free waterproof Mini Magnetic Rocket Vibrator worth £6.99 absolutely free when you buy this brilliant book!

    This fantastically erotic book was originally given away as a free gift with New Woman magazine back in 1995, making it many young women's first encounter with erotica. The book quickly gathered a cult-like status being passed around universities, offices and friendship groups like the Holy Grail of naughty novels!

    The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea is a hot and exciting book with enough twists, turns and raunchy sex scenes to keep even the most distracted of people interested!

    The Devil and the Deep Blue SeaThe story is based around Hillary and her girlfriends who decide to rent Harwood Hall, a gorgeous country house in Norfolk, for their summer holiday. The striking and secretive owner of the house - Darius Harwood - seems to be the most desirable man in the locale which helps to make Hillary's stay a pleasant one!

    But it's not until she meets the blonde and beautifully proportioned Norwegian sailor, Haldane, that things really get interesting. Haldane literally whisks Hillary off her feet, indulging her in passionate and thrilling romps on the beach.

    But intrigued by the sexual allure of two very different men, Hillary can't resist exploring the possibilities on offer.

    These opportunities for misbehaviour and passion quickly lead her into a tricky situation for which a difficult decision has to be made…

    To find out more, pick up your copy of the sinfully naughty The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea today!

    Not only will you get a super-sexy read but you'll also get a free Waterproof PowerHead Rocket 4-Piece Massager Vibrator worth £9.99!

    Whilst reading The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, consider these questions then let us know what you think over at the Lovehoney Community.

    Did you enjoy The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea?

    Had you heard of the book previously, before the Black Lace 15th Anniversary re-release?

    Do you think the book seems aged or dated since it was first published?

    What was your favourite sex scene?

    Would you call what happened a holiday romance or do you think it was something more?

    Who appealed to you more, Darius or Haldane?

    Did the theme of voyeurism appeal to you?

    As the book was originally given away with New Woman magazine, do you think it makes a good introduction to erotica?

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