1. More Magazine Reports on Sex Doll Addiction!

    More Magazine Reports on Sex Doll Addiction!

    This week's More magazine has an article about one man's addiction to his sex doll!

    Tom Davis, 25, from London, confesses to the magazine that since buying his love doll "Sandy" as a drunken dare, he hasn't been able to put her down since!

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    As Tom explains:

    "I bought Sandy the sex doll after a bet with my mate Mick one night. We were surfing the net over a few beers when I saw her and thought it would be a good laugh.

    Sandy arrived three weeks later (Note: buy from Lovehoney and you'll receive it a lot quicker!) and she was more natural-looking and feeling than I imagined. She had blonde hair, big boobs, a good body and her skin felt almost natural. Best of all she had a working mouth and a padded vaginal area."

    Since their first fateful tryst, Tom has been using his sex doll up to 5 times a week. The only problem being that "Sandy" has occasionally interfered with his real-life relationships.

    Even when in relationships Tom would still use Sandy and it often meant that girlfriends felt threatened and confused. Tom explains:

    "I realised that my next girlfriend would have to accept Sandy… I need a woman who's more sexually liberated. Until I find her, I have Sandy. She's brilliant in bed, doesn't complain, I don't have to get her in the mood, and is ready to go whenever I am. Just perfect."

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