1. Extract of the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

    The Devil and the Deep Blue SeaThe Book of the Month is The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea. When you pick up your copy you'll receive a Mini Magnetic Rocket Vibrator worth £6.99 absolutely free!

    The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea is full of hot and passionate, rude and raunchy sex scenes so choosing just one to give you an extract of wasn't an easy task!

    One of the most well remembered scenes in the book is the part where Haldane, the dreamy Norwegian sailor, takes Hillary to a secluded beach and makes love to her in the sand for the first time.

    Here is an excerpt from that very scene:

    "With a deliberately ostentatious gesture he ripped open the packet, reached between their perspiration soaked bodies and a split second later plunged deep into her, making her gasp with surprise. At the same moment they were engulfed by a particularly large wave and she clung to him, wrapping her arms and legs around his naked body like a limpet.

    He thrust hard, pushing his hands underneath her buttocks and raising her pelvis to meet his. With a small grunt he pulled her over until she was on top of him, then over again until they were rolling madly in the surf, their waves of passion matched only by the incoming tide. It was like nothing she had ever experienced before. It wasn't just the location or the beautiful weather that made it different but their wild, abandoned style of coupling. It was as if no-one and nothing else in the world existed, just herself and Haldane lost in a single, endless moment of unrestrained desire.

    When they came it was with a sudden overpowering violence that wracked their bodies, both of them calling out in unison, their voices carried away on the tide. For a while Hillary lay beneath him, happy that he was still inside her body, content with her own satisfied desire. To her surprise he didn't feel too heavy as he lay on top of her, his head touching hers, his palms beneath her buttocks. It seemed right that they should be there together. Somehow, despite his size, their bodies seemed to fit each other perfectly.

    Hillary let out a small sigh of pleasure. "This is heaven."

    "You can say that to me again," Haldane mumbled, his accent sounding thickly.

    As he spoke, Hillary felt the vibration of the words through his body and then she sensed a goring, stiffening feeling inside the tight, wet chamber of his sex. His reaction came as no real surprise, already her desire for him was flickering and growing again. It seemed she just couldn't get enough of him, or he of her. Fortunately, they had no reason to do anything other than make love time after time, after time. Only a few times did they take a break from each other's bodies to swim. For the rest of the day they explored each other's bodies, or lay naked and spread-eagled on the golden beach, warm blue waves lapping gently around their ankles, their salty bodies drying quickly under the relentless rays of the summer sun."

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