1. Syria Produces Some Sexy Lingerie!

    Syria Produces Some Sexy Lingerie!

    It's hard to believe that one of the world's most conservative countries - one that is embroiled in political turmoil and laced with territorial and economic problems - is actually one that is pushing the boundaries when it comes to sexy lingerie!

    Syria, geographically positioned between Turkey and Iraq, is a mainly Muslim country and has recently gathered renewed interest because of one particular book called The Secret Life of Syrian Lingerie. The book gives us a peek into part of this deeply religious community that is not often heard, or seen, in the West.

    As Malu Halasa, one of the journalists who has been working on the project, explains:

    "There's an idea that because it's Islam, they don't have sex. We cannot make assumptions about the private lives of Muslims."

    Lingerie is a luxury item in Syria, reserved mainly for when women marry. Prior to their wedding night, the bride will collect up to 30 racy outfits and sets of lingerie as gifts to herself or from her mother, future mother-in-law and the groom himself!

    The lingerie is seen as a rite of passage from virginity to respectable, married womanhood.

    However, as the book explains, a sense of humour is important when looking at and choosing lingerie. Especially as some of the Syrian pieces include singing Tweety Birds and plastic cell phones on them!

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