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    • milly: October 05, 2009 11:25
      hey, i was thinking about purchasing my first vibrator, but i just wondered whatkind of packaging it comes in? i share a house and dont want my housemates to see what i'm buying. Also, what woould you recommend?

      cheers, Milly

    • LoveHoney - Carly: October 05, 2009 11:56
      Hi milly,

      All of our packaging is totally discreet, with no obvious names on the outside and secure taping all over. You can see here exactly what your delivery will look like - www.lovehoney.co.uk/help/plain-packaging/

      Check out this blog for some great advice on vibrators for beginners: www.lovehoney.co.uk/blog/2008/06/21/choosing-first-vibrator/
      or take a look at our best sellers list to see what is popular at the moment: www.lovehoney.co.uk/best-sellers/for-women/

    • Mike Velingstone: August 23, 2018 11:57
      I recently bought a Cobra Libre https://top10sextoys.com/best-masturbators-for-men/ It is a link that stimulates the top of your penis. I wanted to share my experiences with this toy.

      As you might have noticed, I own(ed) a couple of Fleshlights. They were my first sextoys ever. I liked them a lot. They are very soft and the Fleshlight girls inserts are nice to look at, but it is not very easy to clean them. Drying them is even harder.
      Some time ago I purchased (and sold again) a Fuck me silly 2. I found it to big for a masturbator, but is was great playing with it. It felt better than the fleshlights.

      Last week I somehow ran into the Cobra Libre. After reading some reviews about this best fake pussy I decided to buy it. I payed € 75,- including shipping. It arrived last weekend in a plain box. In the box was the toy, a charger and some lube. At some shops the charger won't be included and you will have to buy it seperately. Some shops offer the toy with the charger for free. So it doesn't hurt to have some research on this.

      When I unpacked the Cobra Libre, my first thought was that it looks like a car. It looks very nice. Mine is red and black like this one:
      At one end of the toy is a sillicone insert which reminds me of a mouth. Inside it gets a bit narrower and there is some kind of ridge at the lower side. Looks a lot like a tongue but it doesn't move. On top of the toy are 3 touch sensitive buttons. They are very easy activated, by accident as well.

      After putting some lube inside the toy, you turn it on and put your penis inside it. To me, the toy fits well and doesn't feel tight. If your member is bigger than mine, there should be no problem. The upper side of the sillicone is very stretchy. The upper side of the sillicone should face towards you when you insert.
      You don't have to move the toy up and down like you would with a fleshlight. Just hold it, but not too tight. When the toy is turned on, it starts vibrating at a slow speed. With the + button, the strength and speed of the vibration is increased. And with the - button it is decreased. It is up to you to select a nice vibration strength. If you push the + button again when the device is allready set to its strongest vibration, you will activate different vibration patterns. And boy, these are great :multi: . I like the one where the vibration is weak and slowly, starts to get stronger and than fade away to start all over again. There are several kinds of patterns and you just have to feel whats best for you. To me, the patterns feel very close to a blowjob. Especially if you warm the sillicone with some hot water before using it.

      The vibrations are best felt if you hold the toy losely over your penis. Don't push your penis too hard inside. It will weaken the vibrations and they are harder to be felt. The toy provides a tickling sensation at the top of the penis (what's that in English?) when vibrating. Combined with the patterns, it just feels like a real tongue or hand is moving up and down. I had an orgasm within minutes. It felt a lot better than my fleshlights and fuck me silly 2.

      Cleaning is very very easy since the hole is not very deep. The toy is waterproof so using and cleaning in bath or shower is no problem. I dried it with a towel and found no difficulties in reaching a spot.

      As I allready mentioned, mine came with a charger. It is a magnetic charger, so you just have to click it to the toy. Be aware that not all shops provide the charger for free.

      So I can recomment this wonderfull toy to you all. If there is anything else you would like to know, please ask me.

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