1. For One Week Only - A Free VibraWhip Worth £29.99!

    Spend £50 at Lovehoney this week and you'll get the fantastic VibraWhip worth £29.99 absolutely free!

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    The VibraWhip is a unique sex toy that combines both of your favourite things - a multispeed vibrator and a cat-o-nine tails whip!

    Whether you're a sex toy queen or a bondage master, this is a sex toy that you're sure to love!

    The handle is thick and firm, allowing the strongest of grips at the most crucial of moments.

    Then there's the body of the whip which is just flexible enough to deliver the perfect thwack!

    With the addition of 9 thin yet supple strings of leather, you can choose whether you want to tease or torture - or even both!

    The handle has an easy-push button which allows you to choose which speed of vibration you so desire.

    Here are 5 top tips for using your VibraWhip:

    1) Turn the vibrations on and use the smooth handle to massage gently over your partners body. The rubber-like material feels brilliant on those sensitive sweet-spots!

    2) By holding the whip loosely in your hand, the vibrations can be felt all along the body to the tails, creating the most incredible of tickling sensations!

    3) Let your partner experience the different feelings of being whipped by starting off by using just the tip of the tails for a sweetly-stinging sensation, then try flicking it hard and catching them with the middle of the tails for a warmer, fuller whip sensation.

    4) Tickle your partner by letting the leather dangle over their skin, moving it back and forth slowly.

    5) Use the strong plastic body and woven end like a riding crop and have some firm and thrashing fun!