1. Fantastic Tips and Hot Sex Advice from the Sexperts!

    She Comes FirstThis week in sexpert news we've had information on the history and popularity of vibrators, how to improve your oral sex technique and what toys are best for couples!

    So if you need some informed and intelligent sex tips or simply want to broaden your sexual horizons then read the advice below and take it all in!

    The Times Online's Suzi Godson answers the question "my girlfriend doesn't enjoy oral sex, am I doing something wrong?"

    "More women orgasm through oral sex than intercourse but many feel anxious about it. They stress about smell and taste, and relinquishing control.

    Ian Kerner, author of She Comes First, says: "The average man can maintain genital thrusting for two-and-a-half minutes before ejaculation, but the average woman requires 15 to 18 minutes of persistent clitoral stimulation to have her first orgasm "That twelve-and-a-half-minute difference is a gaping maw of frustration on the part of women."

    Cunnilingus is all about perseverance. And consistency - but with enough variation to keep it interesting."

    For more information on how to help your partner achieve orgasm check out She Comes First as mentioned in Suzi's advice. This brilliant book is packed with unique ideas, great advice and guaranteed techniques to make sure she gets the most out of oral, manual and sexual pleasure.

    FoxNews' sexpert Yvonne Fulbright gives the inside scoop on why vibrators have become the most popular sex toy:

    Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 2.0 Vibrator"In sizing up today's vibrator craze, many point to the Sex and the City episode that made The Rabbit Vibrator famous. And while that show definitely piqued more than the public's interest, you can actually blame the medical community for getting us turned on to the original electronic gadgets more than 100 years ago. At the turn of the century, vibrators became all the rage for treating female "hysteria."

    Vibrators can help a woman not only to become orgasmic, but multi-orgasmic. They deliver orgasms consistently and easily. They enhance her sexual responsiveness and pleasure. Vibrator users also report higher levels of sexual desire, arousal, and interest."

    The Rabbit Vibe may have gotten famous due to Sex and the City but it gained notoriety when people realised just how orgasmic it really was!

    The Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 2.0 Vibrator is the new and improved rabbit vibrator that's sure to give you more sheet-clenching, moan-inducing, lip-quivering orgasms than ever before! The rabbit ears vibrate, teasing the clitoris with its powerful pulsations whilst the squirmy shaft, with lots of sensual pleasure beads, stimulates internally.

    With 3 ultra powerful speeds and a reverse button to make the shaft wiggle the other way, this is really the best and easiest way to achieve orgasm!

    Tracey Cox has provided some brilliant information to The Independent's Love and Sex Guide on the subject of toys that couples can enjoy together:

    We-Vibe Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator"If you're a heterosexual couple and you make only one purchase, it has to be a vibrator, simply because they remain the easiest, most effective way to bring women to orgasm. The clitoris loves consistent, intense stimulation and nothing provides that more efficiently than a vibrator. What to choose?

    The "intercourse" vibrator is one that's designed to be worn both internally and externally during intercourse, upping her chances of penetrative orgasm dramatically.

    The appropriately named We-Vibe is small and C-shaped about three inches long and one inch wide. You turn it on, insert one end up to the bend and, because it's flexible, the whole thing then opens to an "L" shape. The larger clitoral pad sits against the labia and against the clitoris, the other end works on the G-spot. It flattens out so smoothly, he can't feel it during sex but he does feel the powerful vibrations. (It costs around £75 and is available exclusively through Lovehoney.)

    Tracey is perfectly right! The We-Vibe is a brilliant toy that couples can use together. It's sleek, smooth body and ergonomically designed contours mean that it sits perfectly inside the vagina, pressed firmly against the G-spot as it vibrates. It's so small and discreet that your partner can penetrate you and enjoy the sex too but with the added bonus of vibrations all along his shaft!