1. The Weekly Sexpert Round-Up - The Tracey Cox Edition

    Tracey Cox Supersex Rabbit VibratorTracey Cox is an acclaimed sex expert and one of the world's foremost writers on sex, body language and relationships. She has starred in and hosted many prime-time TV shows in the UK, US and many other countries.

    The fabulous Tracey has been working in association with The Independent this week for their series on Love and Sex. She is offering some fantastic advice and top tips on how to spice up your love life, how to have better sex and how to conquer those bedroom blunders!

    The first piece of advice from Tracey comes from The Independent's Monday issue of Love and Sex entitled "Five Steps to a Great Sex Life":

    "Don't stop masturbating! In fact, do it more.

    "Lots of people think they shouldn't need to masturbate once they're getting regular sex, and if you've just had it 25 times over the weekend you probably won't be locking the bathroom door Monday morning. But when your partner's away or you just feel extra sexy, it's a great way to keep your libido hot.

    "I'd also suggest you take it one step further and do it in front of each other. You'll see first-hand what technique you each use."

    A great aid to you or your partner's masturbation is the Tracey Cox Supersex Rabbit Vibrator. It's easy to use and powerful, with stimulators for both the clitoris and the G-spot. It even has two rows of beads that provide delicious sensations as they roll and wiggle in the rotating shaft!

    The second serving of sexpert help comes from Tracey's site and aims to answer the question of whether smart balls or kegel exercisers can aid vaginal tightness and improve your sex life:

    Silicone Duotone Balls"The best way to keep the vagina tight and toned is through regular sex! Our vaginas naturally get looser as we get older and while it's admirable to want to keep it healthy, don't get paranoid and expect your body to behave as it was when you were 21.

    Smart balls are silicone coated balls with another set of balls inside them that rotate silently as they move. You insert them and they stimulate, massage and exercise the pelvic floor muscles.

    They, and other pelvic floor exercisers, are aids to help you ensure you're doing 'kegel' exercises properly. Some people really rate them but you don't need them to keep your vagina tight and toned. Simply hold and squeeze repeatedly, a couple of sets of 15 a day and that should do the trick."

    One of our most highly recommended sets of smart balls is the Silicone Duotone Balls. These are made from high-grade silicone, allowing easy insertion and ultimate cleanliness too! They have a weighted inner ball so when placed in the vagina you get the full stimulating effect of the rolling motion and can tone your pelvic floor muscles at the same time!

    Enjoyable and functional!

    Another brilliant piece of advice from Tracey was used as part of Tuesday's Love and Sex guide:

    The Lovers' Guide to LoveMaking Card Deck"Have a bed picnic. Set up chilled wine and an ice-bucket in your bedroom, foods you can eat with your fingers (fresh fruit, chocolates); have an erotic movie playing in the background on the bedroom DVD player.

    Send sexy notes. The written word is extremely powerful. In the fridge stuck to the juice, in her briefcase and make-up bag. Each one describes bits of her you find sexy. Or you could make them 10 things you'd love to do to her right that second."

    If you're feeling particularly naughty, you could take The Lovers' Guide to Lovemaking Card Deck and hide a single card in all the places your partner looks regularly - stuck to the fridge, in the bathroom cupboard, in the coffee pot…

    These cards are excellent for allowing you to be more creative with your lover!

    They give concise and explicit information for both sexes on lovemaking positions in four distinct categories - man on top, woman on top, sitting and standing and from behind.

    For more information on Tracey Cox, a selection of her products and regular advice, visit the Tracey Cox site.

    For more Tracey tips keep reading The Independent's guide to Love and Sex.